Advice – new to aneros. What am I doing wrong

Ok noob here. I got my aneros syn and I've used it a couple times and I just don't get it. It doesn't feel bad but not good either. I read you get erections while useing it but it's really hard. Even with a cock ring. I get slight twitching when I contract but it's not like it feels amazing. Is there something wrong with my body if it doesn't feel great? I want it to and love to experiment but I'm discouraged. Please help!!

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  1. Fuck if I know what’s wrong. I had orgasms with three different toys but it’s still a lottery for me. I do know that I absolutely need porn otherwise nothing happens and I get bored out of my mind. Maybe I just need it to keep my mind off what’s happening down there. Just get comfortable and mentally aroused and let it do its thing. I also need to follow my own advice and end my sessions soon (up to 20-30 minutes) and maybe even less often. The thing is that I try to keep my mind open to other approaches or positions (even if they never worked) but if weak muscles or muscle fatigue really plays a role then this can be a reason. I don’t know but it’s a possibility that I’m pretty weak. For some time I’m getting this fast shallow vibrations in my crotch and I think that’s the point where things should happen but instead I get this. Sometimes it’s accompanied by pretty good feelings but usually not. For whatever that’s worth I feel that it’s easiest to achieve it with the tiniest of toys – Peridise. You have to believe that it’s good, that’s the hard part. I had this easy as I started "Aneros journey" by having success with another toy so I knew that it felt good. Fuck, I did even question myself a few times when I was not able to reproduce the results. And I certainly still have a hard time to believe it can get even better…

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