What just happened? Was this the Super-O? How do I make multiples happen?

Straight male here with very limited anal play experience, save for the stray tongue or finger from a girlfriend. When instances like that would happen, I noticed I didn't shy away from them, but rather let them happen, which is what got me interested in the Progasm. That being said, I finally picked one up and decided to give it a go. The first time was rather eye opening for me. Once I got past the slight pain of the initial insertion, i settled in and got comfortable. I began to mimic the breathing techniques recommended by another post on here, along with focusing on the toy, the contractions, etc. Eventually after about an hour or so, I started to fell this euphoria come over me. I was tingling, heart racing, breathing quickly. However my brain sort of came back to reality and interrupted this state of bliss and that was that. I called it quits. The next time i decided to try it, I followed the exact same routine and achieved pretty much the exact same result. Same interruption and everything. However, i gave it another go and sort of started spacing out and just relaxing. The sensation started back up and i began to embrace it. Mind you, i'm laying on my side, knees sort of tucked up to my stomach. While this sensation is happening I begin trying to embrace it by thrusting. I'm shaking at this point while thrusting and eventually I can feel almost what a traditional orgasm would feel like when you feel it about to happen…only more intense. I kept going and finally came. hands free. It was great. However, my question is I hear so often about multiples. After that orgasm, I felt like I was absolutely done. Ive reached this 2 or 3 times now and have felt the same way after each session. Any advice?

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