Questions about boners, precum, vibrators, and getting turned on

I've got some general questions that I've been wondering lately as I continue to figure out the prostate orgasm.

I feel like I've hit a bit of a dead end doing handsfree stuff. Whenever something is in my ass, I have a hard time getting turned on. I close my eyes to visualize, and sometimes watch porn, but it's hard for me to get horny if the Aneros is inside.

When I first start, usually fresh off a movie, I can keep turned on. It feels good early on – I thrust the air a little, and sometimes the tip of my penis feels tingly. But after about 10 minutes it starts to go away.

I have no clue why I can't focus and get horny, other than maybe worrying about the ensuing mess I'll have to clean up. By that I mean lube and other fecal stuff that comes out. No matter what I do (evacuating 60 minutes prior, showering), it's always a chore to clean up. I tried using a enema bulb but holy shit that thing was sharp and really hurt my ass.

Some other things I"m pondering:

1) What does it mean when you get a boner maybe 10 minutes into a session and then it goes away?

2) What does precum mean when using an Aneros? Sometimes a little dribbles out, and then other time I get these long thick strings.

3) After my sessions, I want an orgasm, so I just jerk off. At first these were massive orgasms with my Progasm, but now that I have a Helix Syn, they don't feel as good.

4) The first and only time I ever used my wife's vibrator (with a condom on), it felt great. I remember one time I kinda rotated the head a bit, and it caused me to open my mouth, squeeze my eyes…. it felt amazing. I haven't had anything sense.

Would using a vibrator help with my Aneros handsfree journey at all?


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  1. 1) Don’t worry about your penis. Sometimes it’ll get hard, sometimes it will be completely flaccid, or it might be halfway in between. I guarantee, however, that it has no bearing on aneros play or the progress of your personal journey. 2) I think this has to do with how long since you last ejaculated because of how much reserved you have in your glands. I believe precum or pre-ejaculate is created in the cowpers gland, but when the prostate is stimulated it is allowed to leak out. Some men secrete more precum than others and it is not uncommon to get without doing anything anally. Only answer I have is that this is a good sign that you are doing some things correctly. 3) The Progasm has a much more aggressive shape and is much bigger than the Helix. I suspect that even with poor technique you created more prostate stimulation with the Progasm because of its large bulbous shape thus leading to a more intense traditional O. 4) The vibrator will not help with your aneros hands free journey. You may be able to achieve an orgasm with it, it will not teach you the same lessons just the aneros alone will. There is another sub /r/prostateplay if you’re more curious about discussion with vibrators and other stuff like the N-joy toys. Someone said it before, but its the perfect analogy, its like using a chainsaw to cut something that only requires a regular knife. (can’t really remember what was getting cut yikes) Anyway, don’t let yourself get discouraged. You could maybe use a break with just the aneros. Keep experimenting any way you can to awaken that area of your body. On cleanliness. I use exactly 1/2 tsp of coconut oil for each session. It is enough to lube sufficiently (via solid suppository), but also coconut oil doesn’t absorb like other lubes do. Any more than this will just increase the likely hood of an untimely leakage later. I use no enema and just wash my hands after insertion. That way all I have to clean up is the toy and wipe my butt afterwards. When fecal matter gets on my finger or the toy I just try not to sweat it. It doesn’t happen every time, it is a minimal amount, and it is cleaned with a quick hand/toy soap and water wash. It sort of comes with the territory. But IDK, I used to inject water-based lube and used to hate clean up afterwards. I literally think that the 1/2 tsp of coconut oil (I actually freeze it in the measuring spoon itself, comes out in a perfect shape) is just my tested perfect amount. I hope this helps. Just let yourself enjoy where you are on the journey and don’t fret so much about achieving an orgasm. Keep experimenting and trying different things (nipples, audio porn, explore with a finger, positions, contractions) and just have fun with it!

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