“Sleep Orgasms are Real”

So I found what I thought was a very informative article about how women can "think" themselves to orgasm and often do in their sleep. This is currently the mindset I've been using, by focusing on inner pleasure, rather than outer pleasure, to distinguish orgasm from ejaculation, which I had always had wired together. I thought it might help some people with their rewiring process 🙂 http://fusion.net/story/152129/sleep-orgasms-are-real/

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3pxnvu/sleep_orgasms_are_real/

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  1. You can absolutely orgasm mentally as a man. What worked for me was using an erotic hypnosis audio from r/gwaudio. And not having orgasmed for a few days. The human mind is amazing. What’s more, understanding the mental orgasm and building arousal can help you understand how to get your girl off, as female orgasms are very much more mental than ours.

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