If you haven’t suceeded keep trying. It is SO worth it.

I'm at least 10 minutes into a nonstop orgasm. I'm barely able to function, but I am getting better at it..

I'm using the Peridise, which isn't even technically a massager, but it is doing everything right.

I used to never vocalize and moan like this but now I have no choice. My toes are clinched.

Is this what an orgasm feels like to a woman?

Ps add another five minutes or so.

Both of my hands are trying to crush my skull. Yes this is a good one.

It stopped for about two seconds, and is now starting up again.

I wish I was hooked up to a bunch of medical monitors right now.

I would love to see brain scans of this and other normal orgasms.

I'm sure my blood pressure is sky high right now., and I really don't care if this kills me.

I may be dead now already. I think I'm in Heaven.

I think I've earned my new username. 🙂

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  1. >Is this what an orgasm feels like to a woman? I’ve wondered the same thing many times. Our biology isn’t that different after, and like, my legs do these crazy positions and angles when I’m cumming just like them… I think it’s amazing how sometimes my moans are deep and really loud, but other times it’s higher pitch and breathy. i think it depends on how hard I’m cumming…

  2. I’ve been using an Aneros for 3 years now and just started having hands-free orgasms. It was always fun before, but it’s a whole new thing now.

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