An Aless like no other, the rest of Thursday October 22, 2015

Hi guys,

My Aneros session last Thursday, October 22, was remarkable because it was primed by acute horniness and a gay fuck video clip which I reblogged on tumblr a few days before.
It seemed that the Aneros models I used that morning worked so exceeding well. Thus it set the stage for Aless which I experienced never before ushering me into new, exciting territory in my Aneros journey.

Once I cleaned up my session, bathed, shaved, and dressed for the day, I hopped on to Aneros chat. That is when the Aless hit me.

For a long time, my Aless had felt my ass was still feeling autof**k action from my Aneros tools. Aneros autof**k for me feels like a wave action. This is what @lonewolf8 verified for me in Aneros chat. This is actually an Aneros sine or cosine series of waves.

But last Thursday, I felt this Aneros wave series would come upon me like a tsunami, often out of the blue. Long time Aneros users @brine was in chat that morning. He complimented me on this development and just let these Aless waves come upon me of their accord, even great them.

Lastly Aneros user, @brucemarkland, was in chat too last Thursday morning. He encouraged me to change my Aless into a Super-O or even MMO's. This I do through stimulating my nipples and other areas of my body, deep, relaxing breathing, focus, and meditation.

I am so grateful for my Aneros sessions and Aless now. Both are laden with exquisite pleasure. So also all my Aneros tools, so invested with pleasure producing properties!

Take care!