Session #2 this is different.

Aneros Syn, came in last week. The first night, just felt uncomfortable. Tried different positions, not much going on. Even tried som gonewildaudio and binaural beats. Nope.

Obviously knew that this was going to take some effort. Gave myself a couple nights off as my wife was home.(night nurse, she knows " I don't want anything to do with your asshole!")

Last night. Round 2. Lube it up, put it in and skipped through that xtube video. More binaural; No Hands Orgasm. Half hour later, nothing. Shut everything off. Keep breathing and lay on my back, feet together, knees apart and supported by pillows on either side. More breathing.

Some time later: feel a little tightening in my lower abs, not sure if I'm doing it or not, kinda like the same muscle group you tighten to push out a load. I don't recall doing this on purpose but I can relax it and let my butt rest deeper in the mattress. This happens for a couple minutes. I concentrate and think about my wife straddling me.

A little bit later, I notice it again. My mindset is that I want to be horny, like when you purposefully fantasize about that hot chick at work, but know you shouldn't. My muscles are contracting again and I can feel life if lifted myself off the bed a bit. It's like having been laying across hot coals while trying to keep your body off of it, but requires no effort on your part. A little stronger than before.

However this was just weird and cool: I felt my heartbeat and blood pulsing through my penis. It was like taking your fingers, checking for pulse on your neck, but only this time it's in my dick, and I'm feeling it from the inside. My dick is flaccid and I swear I can feel the blood flowing back and forth in it. It was kinda nice, like being stroked autonomously.

After that subsided, I waited a bit and felt the muscle thing happening again, couldn't get the auto-stroke going, though. But it was getting late and I was over 90 minutes into this and I needed sleep. Decided to go for it and do the deed anyways, disregarding past advice I've read. Felt good anyways, and I cleaned up and was able to get 4 hours of sleep.

I'm tired today, so I'm debating having another go tonight. Or else I have to wait until Sunday.

Auto-stroke man..

Choices, choices….