1. Can you reach your prostate with your own finger? (Some can’t, just seeing if you can locate it otherwise.) If not, how about another toy if you have one? I know you’re likely not doing this, but I’ll ask: do you have it facing the proper direction? Just a few ideas so maybe we can track down the issue.

  2. Definitely using the Helix properly. And I have tried to use my finger but I definitely can’t reach my prostate.

  3. Do you ever use a toy/dildo/finger before hand? I find, if I use a dildo before I use my aneros, I tend to wear-out or tire/desensitize my prostate to the unique, soft feeling that the aneros puts on the prostate. Maybe you need a Progasm, or maybe you should at least try to relax more and not finger yourself before anerosing. Be patient. Maybe like your prostate needs to be used to feeling the special feeling.

  4. Have never fingered myself before and I don’t own a dildo, though I’ve thought about it before. I used to have a Prograsm a long time ago and remember not liking it. That was years ago though. The time I tried fingering myself, I reached as far as I could. I felt a surface with ridges which seemed like it should be the prostate. But I didn’t feel any sort of sensation when I massaged it, and evidently I’m supposed to? Also, I had no way of knowing if it was walnut shaped. It didn’t feel like it was protruding from anything. I had to really dig for it.

  5. One of the problems I had when I first started out (time-wise at least), is I wasn’t 100% sure where the prostate was located. I had a general idea but it was very hard to shakeoff that feeling of doubt in the back of my mind and relax. This was made nearly impossible due to the fact I never felt prostate stimulation, even finger touching like you, before so I had even a harder time. The prostate is only **2-3** inches in. This sort of changed when I just masturbated conventionally with the Aneros in. They don’t recommend this, but I thought meh why not. After a few times of doing this, I finally felt a bit prostate stimulation for the first time which confirmed the location of my prostate. It wasn’t super-o or even a prostate orgasm, it was just a regular penile orgasm with bits of prostate mixed in, but it was this moment that me think "wow, this is what it feels like when the prostate is stimulated" and "yep, I’m definitely hitting my prostate." This eased my mind and allowed me to know where to focus and concentrate my efforts. I think this is similar to what I experienced. You’re unsure where the prostate is. You might be touching it, but since you don’t get any stimulation, you can’t really confirm where it is. Results may vary. Hopefully this isn’t TMI, but in case position matters, I found this out when masturbating laying down flat, with a pillow underneath my lower back so the Aneros handle doesn’t come in contact with the bed. On another note, I’ve since cut off a bit of the handle and sanded it down with a nail filer to allow me to lay flat without a pillow and it definitely feels a lot more comfortable. (If you do this, don’t confuse the handle with the P-tab) Also do kegel exercises, they really do help.

  6. Hey, yeah I did saw off the handle as well so that I could lay on my back. So now, do you have a distinct sensation when stimulating the prostate? I’ve masturbated and ejaculated with the Aneros in before and it definitely feels intense. But when it’s in normally, I don’t feel anything. When you have the Aneros in, do you contract your PC muscles or just completely relax?

  7. Yes you do contract PC muscles. You kinda do it a steady rhythm. In my experience the stimulation is kind of delayed. However, I think your main problem is just the nature of Aneros products. If you read around you’ll see that Aneros takes time to get used to and some training to actually start to feel stimulation.

  8. The closest I got was doing steady contractions, I did receive a pleasurable feeling but eventually my PC muscles got tired out. Did you ever have the problem of feeling the sensation for bowel movement even if you’ve gone to the washroom and cleaned to the best of your ability? That’s my biggest barrier. Even after I have a bowel movement, clean, and wait for an hour or so, it still feels like I need to go when I insert.

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