OMG …another Wet orgasm with the Vice

I did want to update my blog but at the same time not to be going to every extreme I do feel however that i need and want to share out my experiences.Such is the great power of Aneros products,in this instance its the Vice or as i refer to it as "the plug" Since going over to the Vice i can only report that this plug is mind blowing {as far as Super O's are concerned} Add in the bullet and you will scream for mercy! as i have done. After experiencing a 1st "hands free" wet orgasm with the plug i was gagging for another one, but despite a lot of enjoyable efforts it was'nt
happening. While i can call up and still enjoy breathtaking Super O's i wanted the plug to completely empty my prostate fuel tank! Well sometimes events happen when least expected. Just a few weeks back and feeling tired i was having an early night hitting the sack. I would normally sleep just in briefs and T shirt. It was in the small hours that i was awakened by the feel of a very hard erection. It filled my briefs and woke me from my slumber.I was trying to nod off but the rock hard erection persisted. I felt so horny but i was'nt being let back to sleep! The thought then entered my mind that i wanted and needed the plug. With crumpled hair and pillow marks on my face i got from the bed stripped off my briefs got the plug and after a good lube-up got back into the bed and lying on my right side with the stiff erection inserted the plug into my anus. Maybe because it was 4am my anus felt taut and i moaned as i pushed the plug fully home. On top of the erection the plug felt soooooo good, so firm, and so healthy! Its difficult to describe how sensual this felt.
While enjoying the euphoria it was'nt long before the P waves kicked in. As always they will fire-off around my pelvic region. Lying in the warm bed i enjoyed the light P waves going through me. As always i do my breathing exercises. Big breath in and very slow out.I find these exercises keeps the P waves steady and helps out when the Super O {or O's} hit. As i added my erotic thoughts to this session i was feeling the P waves gaining strength.
I was also going into involuntary spasm twitching?
I had not experienced this before.I was tempted to jack-off but i was holding onto the pillow with my 2 hands gripping it and moaning as the P waves got more intense.Everything was in perfect sync -the hard erection-the plug in my anus- the regular P waves. The sensations were hot–very hot..It was almost like an out-of -body experience? After riding a lot of beautiful P waves they then started to subside? i was lying there totally relaxed and thinking "that was so good" and i almost was ready to go back to sleep -when suddenly totally out of the blue came this massive P wave. I just was not prepared for it.. It had the power to take my breath away,and contorted my face i bit into the pillow and screamed OMG.. It just totally swamped me.Super O after Super O (and i mean Super) shot through me. I lost the count of how many.. I was gasping for breath and with each Super O i could feel the plug involuntary contracting in my anus -which appeared to be bringing on another Super O.. With a HUGH final Super O it felt like my insides had exploded. I was gasping for a drink of water! I lay there exhausted but saying to myself "That was fookin out of this world" and praising Aneros no end. I did'nt realize it, until i moved in the bed that i was all wet and when i checked i found i had shot out a substantial amount of cum into the bed.
I have tried to repeat this scenario but so far it has not happened.. Super O is there but im gagging for a repeat of an out of body experience.
BTW despite the fact that at most times when i get a Super O you feel you might suffocate but this has never happened – in fact nothing bad has every happened to me with using the Aneros quite the opposite – its been fookin great!!