Achieving Aless sweetness while wearing a Nutty Buddy athletic cup

Hi guys,

Today Saturday is a rarity for me in that the day is free and open for me. I decided to bow out of a class that I go to Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m. I am trying to stave off a cold. So after a quick morning walk, I hope to have a leisurely session afterward.

Right now I am fully dressed and nearly ready to go. I am wearing a woolen cap that covers my ears, an Under Armour cold gear long-sleeve shirt, and jeans. But underneath my jeans is my favorite combination of [1] a Munsingwear Kangaroo pouch boxer brief, with over it [2] a DUKE jockstrap, and [3] in the jock pouch is a Nutty Buddy athletic cup. I have spoken much about this amazing athletic cup in earlier blog entries. Not only does this cup contain my genitalia perfectly, but the cup extends underneath my scrotum and touches directly my perineum.

This cup is perfect for performing the Kegels of varying strengths. When I Kegel the cup actually stimulates my perineum where my sweet spot is located. When I do all this, sublime Aneros sweetness happens. Also right now I am stimulating my nipples. Wow! I feel like I am edging, but I am saving all this my session when I come in from my long walk.

This combination of boxer brief, athletic cup, and jockstrap is ideal for walking. I just love how the Nutty Buddy cup "floats" with my every move.

Looking forward toward a great session later. Take care!