Progress update #4

So I've been on and off with my Helix Syn, but lately I've felt the increased craving for prostate simulation. Until now, I was doing the same routine of inserting the toy, relaxing for 5 to 10 minutes, then contracting my PC and BC muscles, figuring out what felt good, eventually getting to a fairly intense plateau. My heart would start racing, my breathing would shorten, and a sort of heat wave would develop from my pelvis and spread through my legs and abdomen.

Tonight, I tried something a little different. I had the apartment to myself and decided to go for a meditation session, but with the toy inside. I lay on my side, knees bent, and focused entirely on breathing out, letting go of everything else.

After some time, I couldn't feel the toy anymore (it always feel so damn cold in the beginning because of the lube). Shortly after, I felt the general area of my prostate clamped between the toy inside of me and the tab pressed against my perineum. Then it started to feel good. Like, really good. A very slow, but purposeful wave of arousal began to grow, and as much as I tried actively relaxing my muscles, I could feel them gently contracting, bringing the toy inwards and upwards. I reached the plateau stage this way, held it up for some time, heart pounding away, legs gone completely numb, pelvic region gone completely numb. It was all about that damn heat wave.

It subsided, but soon after I figured out that trying to suck in my lower abdominal muscles would cause my pelvic muscles to contract again, bringing me, trembling, to the plateau once more, but stronger; a pseudo-urge to pee started to rise, but I went with it. And a third time. At that point, I pretty much started screwing it up by voluntarily contracting my muscles, sending waves of sharper pleasure, but also letting the feeling slowly wane away.

I decided I needed to feel something more active. I took the toy out, replaced it with a thin dildo, but the cold of the newly inserted toy messed my insides up. So I opted for edging, stroking myself while pressing the dildo further inside, until I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped penile stimulation and gushed out all over the towel I had laid out on the bed.

While I know the orgasm itself is very near, this time, I feel very content with myself for reaching the plateau stage without a single voluntary contraction. I couldn't not contract my whole body though, and I'm sure that's the next obstacle to get over.

Oh, as for the link above: My SO agreed to give pegging a shot. We've tried it a couple of times so far, and are going to try again this weekend. Still have issues with working the bigger toy in, and the smaller one has a hard time finding the right spot, but they're both very high quality. I recommend them if you're unsure where to begin in that field!

TL;DR: Put Helix Syn in. Meditated. Reached plateau stage easily, three times over. Now confident about going beyond. Prostate is happy.