Stuck in a rut and a different climaxes

On my journey I've come across two kinds of climaxes:

  1. calm but intense orgasmic feeling
  2. something that is probably being called dry-O (body spasms like with ejaculation)

Now while the latter one is okay I really care about doing the first, blissful one. Maybe it's just my perception because the buildup is fast and short but nevertheless it feels so much better. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that regularly.

Does anyone know these two and how to control it?


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  1. When I experiment for extended period of time I get physical response but it doesn’t feel as good as it should. There is a point where it doesn’t make sense to continue. Afterglow is pretty nice though so it may be just that I got used to it. Maybe that’s the difference? I don’t know.

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