Where I’m at with it… Next steps?

I've been trying out prostate stimulation for a couple of weeks now. I've not had that super-O yet but I'm still really getting into it and enjoying the pleasure – now I don't masturbate without prostate play beforehand. In terms of toys, I've been using the Aneros Helix Syn and the Swoon Release vibrating pleasure wand.

I'm not sure if my Aneros reaches that sweet spot or not. I've found the best way to get stimulation from it is to sit on the edge of my bed and rock back and forward, but it gets a little tiring. I also find I have to pull on the plastic handle at the back to move the toy until I feel like I've hit something significant. Walking about with it is certainly interesting. Even though it's not ergonomically suited like the Aneros is, I think I prefer trying to find the sweet spot manually with my vibrator and trying to do a 'come hither' motion with it.

Sometimes I hit a point where I feel like I really need to pee or that some fluid is going to slowly seep out of my dick (which it sometimes does). And one evening when I did some penile masturbation with prostate assistance after about an hour and a half of prostate play alone, I ended up producing some of the most majestic ropes of cum I've ever seen – it was literally just streaming down my hand continuously for about 15 seconds before I'd even started blasting a ton of it into the air. I've never came like that before, but fucking Christ almighty, that must be a sign. That session was also after 6 days of abstaining, and I noticed I got way more stimulation from pressing on the perineum.

Does it matter that much if you're flaccid during prostate stimulation? I find I go flaccid a bit without penile stimulation and it tends to turn me off somewhat. Is it best to just ignore it?

I feel like at this point I'm needing something a bit more intense, and I'm considering saving up some cash and getting the Lelo Loki Wave prostate massager. It looks a lot bigger, it has two vibrators and a built in 'come hither' motion. Does anyone have any thoughts on it? Is it worth splashing the cash on it?

Any advice/recommendations etc would be much appreciated.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3utk8x/where_im_at_with_it_next_steps/