weird feeling just wanna know what stage I’m at

Just wondering about my progression been on and off for over a year. I've been able to have this feeling a couple of times which is a step up from just feeling the motions of the aneros.

I relax my body as much as possible, and I stop kind of feeling the toy and more feel like my body is being shook by someone else. it kinda feels being dizzy. anyone else experienced this at any of their stages?

Feels alright, but like people have said before 'you'll know when it happens'…



  1. > and I stop kind of feeling the toy and more feel like my body is being shook by someone else I get this feeling when I contract one of the muscles slightly for a long period of time. The muscle starts to quiver when it gets tired. This has a stimulating effect on the prostate. You mention relaxing physically which is important, but also ensure that you are relaxing your mind as well. Try not to focus on having an orgasm. Just enjoy yourself, enjoy the moment and focus and zone in on what feels pleasurable. Do kegel exercises, specifically explore and practice until you have complete and isolated control of the different muscles.

  2. Yep I do that as well I listen to various binaural beats to try to empty my mind of thoughts as much as possible. I find when I’m not concentrating on anything particular things happen. I kind of felt forcing myself to move kegel muscles was counter productive but I’ll give your suggestion a try.

  3. The reason I think it helps is because being able to independently control the kegel muscles can help you chase exactly the right contraction or retraction combination that will give the most pleasure. And you gain that control by using them. Also endurance can help you hold a pleasurable contraction longer. Also being very aroused helps. If the porn isn’t doing it sometimes I’ll think about particularly memorable past sexual experiences.

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