toys for mounting

so i put my aneros in and sat on a chair while it was in. i bounced and rocked on it. it was incredible. I'd used this toy many times before and it was never this good.

this got me thinking that there has got to be other toys that are as good or better for mounting. anyone have recommendations?



  1. I’ve been looking for ages for a vibrator I could use while sitting, which one did you get?

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a good, cheap "rocker" type vibrator. The couple I have tried do not stay in or feel painful. However, if you are able to spend some money, the Lelo bruno and hugo are pretty good. I have the hugo model. They are $170 and $210, respectfully, on Lelo’s website. But you can find them on Amazon for $140 and $160, respectfully. The bruno has 7 patterns, but doesn’t have the ability to change intensity. The hugo has a remote, has the same 7 patterns along with two "sensi-motion" settings. (Tilt or shake the remote and it changes intensity as a feedback.) And you change the intensity with -/+ buttons on the remote. (12 different intensity settings.) And you don’t have to reach down there while its in, which is a plus for me. (It is waterproof, but I’m not really ready to test it in the shower or bath. But makes cleaning easier.) I’ve used my hugo in both on my back and sitting on it. It definitely work with sitting down. You can rock and bounce a little. It won’t go in and out, but you will feel it move some inside from bouncing. The only issue I have is that the battery only lasts for ~two hours. (May not be an issue for you. I have trouble relaxing my mind, and body, so I it takes me a while before anythings to happen. With anything back there.) I’ve had the battery stop right as I was approaching an orgasm, which really sucks. Mr Racy reviewed the hugo and Big Gay Review has done both the hugo and bruno, both with good write-ups on them. (I don’t have the links at the moment, but a Google search should find them.) If you end up finding a cheaper rocker/rider that works well, let me know.

  3. I know this is an old thread but I heard the Peridise is good for sitting on? I’m hoping for that anyway because I have one on

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