What are some key points to remember – start to finish?

I've been using my Nexus Revo 2 quite a lot recently and feel like I'm making progress towards that sought after super-O.

I'm still a little iffy on what exactly I should be doing kegel/ contraction wise, should I just be chilling and feel for the sensations, lightly moving it around feeling for what makes the most pleasure in my prostate, or going for a rigorous kegel exercise.

Please tell me some key points to remember!

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  1. I think three best thing to go off of is the wiki for male multiple orgasm. There is also a great thread on the aneros forums that has a bunch of guys explaining their process. If you Google search aneros super o it’s one of the top links. I often read that thread when I’m getting started because I find that it both gets me aroused and allows me to feel free to explore myself and let go of how traditional orgasms function. I have been using a new technique where I do kegals for about an hour while working or watching tv. Then inserting and sitting with it for ten minutes or so. Then I do a contraction that is about an 8 on a scale of 1-10. Then each slow breath I try to make the next contraction a 7, 6, and so on. By the time I hit 1 or 0 I’m having a mini o. After doing that 10 or so times the waves of super os will start to crash over you for as long as you can hang on. Never finish by doing a traditional o and try to practice a bit each day!

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