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So I got a new MGX during the black Friday sale and when I used it for the first time, I got to a point where I felt like I was being spun around really fast and my arms went numb. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered a feeling like this and what stage it happened at. If I move at all, the feeling goes away instantly and I can't get back to that point again, but it doesn't feel like I'm "done".



  1. I posted the same query 2 weeks ago, I haven’t progressed further than this stage. (arms didn’t go numb though).

  2. I haven’t had that experience but the last two sessions have resulted in some rather odd feelings that I didn’t know if they were good or bad. The first time I felt like I was big and small all at the same time. Like i was kind of ‘in’ my body. I was using the Progasm Jr and it felt like that was the whole inside of me and I was just kind of there. It was very odd. not pleasurable, not unpleasant, just very very odd feeling. The second time was this last one and for about 15 mins I felt like I do when I go to bed after I’ve drank too much. Like the room was spinning, but I wasn’t getting nauseaus, that then mutated into a state where I felt like I was oscillating back and forth very quickly. Like vibrating. It kind of ebbed when I opened my eyes, but when I shut them again, my body went back to that same sensation. Both of these events took place about an hour into my session. I typically go about 1.5hrs at a time, I just dont have enough time to carve out the 2+ hours.

  3. You’re definitely on the right path! I would give it a day or two and then try to go for another hour or so. It takes a while for the body to rewire itself, but once it does it is very very worth it. I find when I reach the point you are at that I breathe in and do a contraction that is an 8/10, breathe out and let go of the tension in your entire body, then do a contraction that is a 7/10, all the way down to 0. Usually by the time I hit 0 I crest over into a mini o and repeat the 8-0 breath and contraction count down over again until eventually you’ll have a series of mini os that will turn into a super o without warning. You will get to the point where you don’t need the aneros as well, but that takes quite a while for most people. Hope that helps!

  4. Not necessarily. I have the vice and have used it with and without the vibration as I sometimes find the vibration to be distracting. But I have been at this for about a year and the vice is a very challenging toy to relax with which is what you need to do to reach super o territory. I would say get the Helix Syn and Progasm Ice as those seem to be everyone’s favorites. I’ve had amazing success with both and I have tried every version of the aneros with the exception of the Progasm Jr. Which I’m hoping they make a syn version of as well.

  5. Okay, thanks. It actually is uncomfortable to put the vice in all the (5’6, 140 lbs, so not that big), but I was feeling build up that I hadn’t felt before with the Helix (though I made the mistake of chasing it instead of letting it come to me). The Helix feels nice, but I find I only get nice sensations when I contract more/pressure on the prostrate. The ‘do nothing approach’ hasn’t worked with it so far (only at this for 4 months though). Though not a super-O, I was on the edge one session with the Vice…the edge similar to right before a penile orgasm. How do you go over the edge? Also, how do you relax while also focusing in on sensations? I find I lose arousal (physically/mentally) when I completely relax.

  6. Yea usually you need to warm up with a smaller model before putting in the vice, it’s huge! You should contract and put pressure on the prostate to figure out where you need to be to get your involentaries going. Try anything and everything and go with what feels good. I have a hard time always getting relaxed enough to super o but I find smoking pot helps as does trying different breathing techniques. A breathing technique I like is breathing out all the air in my body, then only breathing in 10% of the air needed to fill my lungs while holding a light contraction and then going back to full relaxation as slowly as possible while breathing the air out.

  7. How do you recommend getting involuntary contractions going? Just a matter of timing building kegel muscle tone? Also…have you seen the Lelo Loki Wave? what do you think of the concept?

  8. Also, what do you think of the idea of listening to /r/gonewildaudio recordings during sessions? Or do you think that’d be too distracting?

  9. I think /r/gonewildaudio can be a good way to get started but you want to make sure it isn’t about masturbation in the traditional sense or else you’ll start thinking about jerking off. I often lay down with my legs bent and my feet flat and read other people’s success stories on Reddit or the aneros forums. Any prostate messager that moves or vibrates is more of an edging tool for masturbation in my opinion. Aneros is more about cultivating a sexual meditation and practice over time. I don’t even ejaculate during sex anymore!

  10. If you can hold a very light kegal, relax, breath, and try to move the energy from your prostate through your body that’s the best way to get it going. Think sexy thoughts, moan, talk dirty to yourself, whatever you have to do to amplify your arousal while still staying relaxed as possible.

  11. How do you ‘move the energy from the prostrate’? It feels very localized. I have progressed in that it feels good, but it sort of plateaus at simply feeling ‘good’ and localized to the prostrate. It does build further. I know I have made progress as I can just focus on my prostrate, even when not aroused, and it’ll feel good. However, I don’t know how to further build that arousal…hence, why I was wondering about something like [this.](

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