Maybe not a super-O, but…

This post comes fairly soon after my last one, but I'm still giddy from my experience.

Last night, I felt the stress of the week accumulate and wanted to take a moment to relax. I figured I'd lay on my side with my Helix Syn in, and just focus on my breathing for a while.

It took me a little longer to get there than the last time, but I started feeling as if my prostate was filling up, gorged with liquid, swishing around with every tiny movement of the toy inside. I reached the plateau stage of fairly intense shivering and muscle clenching, a heat wave pulsing through my stomach. My thougths drifted between this and my girlfriend pegging me, and I eventually felt my lower abdomen clench ridiculously hard. My body felt as if suspended in midair, and I could very vividly feel a few drops of precum passing through my urethra.

I came down from this state of euphoria after maybe 30 seconds or so, felt myself drained, stayed there, and the dirty thoughts claimed me again. I quickly rose to the plateau stage again. This time it was a bit shorter, and less intense, but left my pelvis sore with happiness. I almost got there a third time, but I called my girlfriend into the bedroom and stroked away in front of her, shooting everywhere. Shit, that was hot.

So yeah… I don't think it was the so-called super-O quite yet, but it definitely was something. I can feel my lower abdomen contract around my prostate easily now too, without even being aroused.

Woo, progress!