1. I’m not super comfortable using cooking oils but people really seem to enjoy coconut oil. I personally use a series of KY jelly where I lube up the aneros a lot, put it in about half way, lube again, put it in all the way, wait a few minutes, then do a third series depending on what model I’m using. For the vice, Maximus, and Progasm I do three rounds, for the smaller models I typically do 2. I do have a lube shooter that I ordered from amazon that I used to use every time, but I am finding the multiple application technique to work well for me. I know people use Vaseline as well, but I am not comfortable with petroleum jelly being absorbed into my body and the feeling it leaves when you are done is definitely not desirable in my opinion. But a lot of people do a small amount of Vaseline followed by some water based lube of some kind which seems to work as well. Experiment and see what works for you!

  2. I used J-lube so far…you’ll have to mix it yourself, but it’s cheap and easy. I tried coconut oil, but I’ll have to try it a few more times to give you a verdict on that one…

  3. Coconut oil! Or if you don’t like to use oil (it works great!!!), I like Sliquid Sassy.

  4. I like to use Swiss Navy silicone lube. Water based lubes evaporate too quickly for me.

  5. I use a sliquid brand lube called silk. It’s part silicone, part water, and is safe to use with silicone tis(like the syn). The nice thing about it is, thanks to the mixture of silicone and water, it won’t wreck your toy, and it won’t get sticky like some water based lubes do. Also, sliquid is the brand that makes aneros’ branded lube.

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