After 20+ sessions with the Helix Syn, I’m stuck. Would I have better success with a different model?

I bought a Helix Syn earlier this year. It's currently my only hands-free model, but I also have an Njoy Pure Wand.

I generally get much better sensations from the Helix Syn – the Wand doesn't do much for me, and I have a hard time finding my prostate. Plus, I have a long torso, so it's hard for me to get into position to make it work.

I get the best results when I lay on my back with my feet flat and rub my nipples. It feels good and I get a small amount of precum out, but nothing like what I've seen here. I get even better results if I lift my feel off the ground like a missionary style.

More often than not, I just don't feel anything at all. Sometimes I wonder if it's even hitting my prostate. If I decide to start jacking off, then it feels good right as I'm about to cum and during it.

Would I have better success if I switched to something like Progasm? With something that large, it's practically guaranteed to hit my prostate, right? I feel like I've hit a wall and don't know what can help.



  1. i had some pretty good success when I changed to the Progasm Jr. Things seemed to just ‘hit the spot’ Duno if I’ve achieved a SuperO but I do know that with each use the experiences are different and more pleasurable. So, maybe changing it up to something else might be useful.

  2. If you have a hard time finding your prostate, try getting aroused after relaxing with the toy fully in. It’ll swell and be easier for you to spot. You can also try sliding a finger in, that way you’ll have more control over the angle at which you’re hitting it. I personally love my Helix Syn but it took me some time to get used to it.

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