I just had my first hands-free orgasm using an Aneros, came buckets, and have some questions!

Guys! I did it!

After over 20 sessions, I was able to have an orgasm with my Helix Syn. The secret was listening to this audio from /r/gonewildaudio. It worked like a charm!

Now, I don’t exactly know what type of orgasm this was. I came buckets, which might have been because I haven’t came in over a week. It was everywhere.

I never touched my cock with my hands, which was rock hard, but my legs were brushing up against my balls and lower cock. It was very slight and I definitely wasn’t fucking my cock with my legs, or anything like that. This largely happened with nothing touching it.

The buildup was fantastic – I came before the audio even got the part where she talks about touching me. It felt really, really good.

What I don’t understand is why I ejaculated, when everyone talks about a prostate orgasm not causing that, and they usually don’t have an erection when it happens, right?. What was I doing differently that caused me to spray everywhere?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3wz83s/i_just_had_my_first_handsfree_orgasm_using_an/


  1. Im pretty experienced with the aneros. I’ve been using it for years and had plenty of orgasms, all of them dry. I have yet to ejaculate using the aneros. My dick tends to be semi during most of the session, it gets rock hard during the orgasms, though. From what I hear, some people are wired to ejaculate with prostate stimulation. People on the aneros forums talk about how annoying it is to try and unlearn that ability so they can achieve the desired dry orgasms. I don’t really have any advice, just felt like giving you a bit of data to work with

  2. Cool, I appreciate it! I don’t mind ejaculating at all (in fact I’ve grown pretty used to it in the last 15 years or so).

  3. >From what I hear, some people are wired to ejaculate with prostate stimulation. Sounds like conditioning to me.

  4. I’ve been listening to HFO files (especially GWA files) for maybe two years now and I got my aneros at the beginning of this year but still nothing.

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