Just wanted to express my excitement.

Just really wanted to post about how excited I am!

Im not new to aneros, as about 2 years ago I bought a Helix Syn. I fucking HATED it. It was just simply painful to use. I was told to relax, drown it in lube, reposition it, blah blah blah. But no matter what I did it felt like someone was gently stabbing me with a knitting needle or something. I attributed it to the things size and shape. Really small, slender, and a softly pointed spot on the end.

So I gave up on it and tossed it aside, with it being the biggest disappointment in a sex toy ive ever had, and a very expensive one too. I went back and looked at all the different models aneros has and saw that the progasm was the largest, and at not even 2" around its still small for a butt toy. Well I just bought one through the %50 off sale.

Well it finally just came in the mail. So I tried it out. And omg im so excited! I ACTUALLY FELT SOMETHING. Immediately after inserting I felt a dull, but really nice sensation right where it was pressing. I left it in for about a half hour or so and then just got off by hand since I was too eager. However im totally stoked about FINALLY getting into the realm of prostate stimulation. Ive never been able to find it by hand, but im positive the progasm hits it.

I really hope I can make my way into having prostate orgasms as ive been dreaming of having one for years. Never once got a single response out of it until this thing. Just stupid excited about it.

So that being said anyone have any tips or tricks into using it to its maximum potential?

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  1. I had a similar experience as you. My now-ex gf bought me a prograsm Jr. as a gift after I’d expressed my frustration with a Helix-type clone. The first time I used it, it was with her and when I came, i could feel it massaging my prostate with each spasm. It was pretty amazing sensation. Since then, oddly enough, my experiences with the Progasm have been much less impressive. I haven’t experienced that same kind of internal sensation during orgasm as I did the first time, and I haven’t experienced any hands-free orgasms with it either. From what I understand the larger stem makes it a bit more unwieldy to control and therefore stimulate the right spots. That all said, I probably haven’t experimented quite enough with it and since becoming newly single again, I now have a bit more free time for some further one on one aneros play.

  2. I got fascinated with the idea of Aneros last year, and tried out a low-cost prostate massager but it was very uncomfortable. I purchased a Progasm and am expecting it today in the mail. I’m very excited!!

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