Morning Wood and sharing the love on Christmas day

Waking up with a morning wood used to be a common occurrence but in my later years, it became a very rare event. That is, until I discovered the Aneros, with resultant rewiring and eventually fully ALESS. My prostate is now working like it did when I was 14. Morning woods are common and delicious. Usually, they occur in the early hours of the morning, 4-5 am, but can happen any time. The latest was on Christmas morning at 4.30am. I woke in the darkness and uncovered so that my naked body and throbbing erection was exposed. I couldn’t see it, but I sensed that it was a huge one that seemed to fill the room. Pulses of pleasure rippled through my body, including the length of my cock. I relaxed into it and decided to see how long it would last. After about 20 minutes, I became uncomfortable and lay on my left side. The slight pressure on my prostate produced a range of strong and deep sensations. After about 5 minutes on my side, the erection subsided but not the lovely cascading orgasms which continued for another 40 minutes until I needed to rest.

Later in the morning when my wife awoke, I gently stroked her warm and soft tummy, slipping my hand into her sexy little panties, stretching her mons slightly but enough to illicit moans of pleasure from her. After 30 minutes, she leaned over to produce a small vibrator from her bedside drawer. Intuitively, I knew to let her use it on herself whilst I continued to stroke her. After 10 minutes of rising pleasure, I could see she was getting close. Rather than get into a frenzy of stroking, I maintained a slow deliberate pace and watched as her expression changed. As she came, I melted into an ALESS orgasm. It was at exactly the same time and it felt like it was her orgasm I was having. We ended together in a warm sea of orgasmic bliss. What a great way to start Christmas day!