How long did it take you to achieve prostate orgasm?

Also, what was the frequency of use in terms of prostate toys / sessions? Did you find yourself getting frustrated?

I've been using various aneros devices regularly since July and have made markable progress. I can feel my prostate swelling during the day, which is an amazing feeling. It will swell, which causes a heavy feeling in my groin and will often times cause my pc muscle to jump a few times. During traditional sex, I can actively hold off ejaculating by redirecting my focus inward and when I do ejaculate, it's strong and intense.

So I'm seeing the benefits of prostate stimulation, but have been feeling frustrated at times because I have not had a prostate orgasm. I think that's because I'm obsessing over it and not enjoying the session as pleasure, but as actively working toward a goal. I've had a build up twice, whereas my mind will switch to an altered state of consciousness, causing blurred vision and a perpetual falling feeling. It left me feeling shaken, like I'd just been in a fight or something, and my prostate felt like it was vibrating for 2 days afterward.

Any feedback as to how long your journey was until reaching that blissful state would be appreciated. I suppose it will help me gauge where I am in this amazing quest of a second sexual awakening.



  1. I’m going on 21 months and I’ve still not gotten there but it sounds like you’re at the same exact spot I am. Couple of sessions this week I suddenly became disoriented as the pleasure overtook me. I know exactly what you mean by the vibration. I feel it too and there’s constant waves of pleasure washing all over outside of sessions. Until the past 2 months or so, I was having 3-5 sessions a week but recently it’s an every day thing for me. I don’t really get frustrated anymore since I’m happy where I’m at in my progress and have been for some time. We’re all working towards the same goal in the long run but attaching a goal/expectation to each session is a recipe for disappointment.

  2. About 3 months, practicing weekly. Though looking back I’d say that I may have orgasmed earlier I just didn’t realize it because its a new experience. I’d also say that part of the reason I was able to get there so quickly was because I have been into anal things for a good long time prior to it, so in a way I was already more aware of the sensations down low. Further, when I first had a pgasm, I was to the point where had sort of given up ‘trying to have one’ and just relaxed and tried to enjoy the whole thing instead of focusing on a climax.

  3. My first time I came in about 2 minutes. It was with a guy sucking me as he fingered my prostate. Was so good. Now I use my finger or toy and still cum in about 2 minutes

  4. It’s funny– the advice many give is that you can’t work toward a goal, thus being frustrated when it doesn’t happen. I have been ignoring the subtle pleasures that accompany prostate stimulation for awhile, because that was my mindset. My partner is already multi-orgasmic, which is hot as shit. We met last May, and because of the exotic texting we had going back and forth all day while at work, he went "a-less" without working toward that as a goal. At first, he was unable to control when it happened… He would be sitting at work and the usual pc muscle twitching would start (which happens to me, but without explosive results), causing a build up at his desk. He started to have a full on orgasm at work, and had to jerk off in the bathroom, which only took one stroke of his cock to ejaculate. Since then, he has it under control (it took about a month to learn to manage it) but when we kiss, it will start up, and if I lightly tap his taint with my finger, or tweak his nipples, it will send him into a blissful buildup which usually leads to a prostate orgasm. Having someone in the house who is so much farther down the road in their journey has messed with my mind a little. Don’t get me wrong, seeing him shake while his eyes roll into the back of his head during sex is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen….but it’s a constant reminder of something exquisite, I’m unable to experience (yet). I’ve had to just be happy that he can experience such bliss, because I’m very much in love with him and am indeed, genuinely happy for him. Sometimes, I will though become jealous, and then in turn feel guilty because of it. It’s very difficult to turn off my brain. Recently, I’ve had to switch mindsets away from the goal. It’s like jerking off, when all you want to to do is cum: takes longer to get there, might be half hard when it happens, and it’s only half pleasurable. I equate prostate orgasm to be the same thing. He had his first prostate orgasm after thinking that maybe he was unable to have one. So he would throw in the aneros during sex… And eventually his pc and deep rectal muscles started involuntarily contracting in a way that allowed him to just relax with it and have his body take over. I need to just enjoy the journey instead of having a goal in mind, but the reward is so sweet, it’s difficult to dismiss that from thought. Thanks for your response!

  5. took Me 4 Months, about 3 nights a week I would go for a "Ride" I don’t like calling them sessions for some reason I have no idea why. I remember the first night I thought I had one I was pretty excited to say the least it sounds like you are at the same point I was and a few weeks later I for sure had my first and the rest is history

  6. Probably three years or longer, literally don’t even remember. I didn’t really have any revelations, I just slowly got better and more into the feeling. I still don’t get them often, but it’s definitely worth it for when I do!

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