For those of you that complement your aneros use with marijuana, what are your experiences? Any tips?

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else here also used marijuana in conjunction with their aneros. Now after graduating college and having my own job and (gratefully) own place, I feel like with my freedom using the aneros as well as weed is well within the possibility as I don't have to worry about roommates walking in.

That being said, I was not one to smoke daily, at most once a week, as it was always more of a relaxing, lone activity for me, as I tend to get pretty quiet and introverted when high (not to mention extremely horny at times!) and just spend my time browsing reddit and just being content with myself.

I was just wondering if there were any aneros users that do in fact get high before they use the aneros? If so, I was wondering if there were any tips you would recommend as well as experience with it? Cheers!

tl;dr: Starting to live on my own, have the privacy to get high in conjunction with aneros, want to hear others' experience with it before diving in.



  1. i’ve had a few sessions while high. very few and far between simply because of timing issues. i can remember the best one was on a day where the "stars aligned". i could feel the urge to have a session a few hours after i woke up that morning (kegels got the juices flowing). smoked with my dad in evening while we blasted some electro music on his new speakers. the weed he had was pretty damn strong now that i recall. after the peek i went into autopilot mode (usually for food at this point in the high) but went straight to prep for the Helix. so there i was laying down with the Helix Classic inserted scrolling through some erotic manga. it was the first time that i wasn’t paying attention to the device and just sort of spaced out in the stories. i could barely keep my eyes open and on the screen when the waves started happening. first centered in the prostate it was almost like the Helix was beating a drum. the beat spread throughout my body and the rest was ecstasy.

  2. I smoke before, during, and after each session. I have one 2 hour session every night so you do the math 🙂 The rare times I have a daytime session (I only smoke at night), there is a rather large difference in the feelings experienced. They’re a lot more subdued and while I still feel a shitload of pleasure, it’s almost like it’s muffled or inhibited. To draw a comparison – if you’ve ever seen Dragonball Z, think of Piccolo fighting with his weighted clothing. He’s slower, clunkier, and not as effective. That’s a non-high session for me. Or like the new Skyline GT-Rs in Japan, they have an inhibitor in their engine that limits them to 80mph (or somewhere around there) on normal roads but when the car’s GPS realizes it’s at a racing track, it turns the inhibitor off. Smoking before or just after insertion is the same effect.

  3. I don’t own an aneros, but I do have a lot of other prostate toys. I almost always smoke when I’m playing with my prostate. Like you, I get extremely horny when I smoke, so this is what makes smoking key for me. I can get horny without weed, but not as much and not as easily as when I do.

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