Looking for a Skype partner for training!

Hi! I am relatively new to the world of prostate massaging but am, and have been, genuinely interested for about a year now.

About three months ago, I purchased an Aneros Helix Syn and have been using it when I have free time. I love the idea of having something in my ass, and I LOVE the idea of achieving a prostate orgasm. I am however, having immense trouble getting there. Im trying to remove the penile-centric mindset but I think I'm having difficulty!

I have read the many resources on how to acquire positive feelings from the aneros, but I feel like a verbal lesson while someone either used theirs, or watched me use mine would help quite a bit. I am not looking for an additional "turn on" from watching, or having someone watch, I just feel like I am a combination audio-visual learner.

If anyone is willing to help today please reply! If not today, we can at least be skype buddies and perhaps arrange something for the future.


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