Yet another Corner Turned

After a while it begins to get redundant when I write these entries expounding that this session was the best or I discovered a new technique that pushed me even higher. But the truth is, that is what this journey is about reaching new heights each time. Each session I do does teach me some new technique as I get to feel the wondrous new pleasure that results. And yes every session does allow me to open a door to a new level of ecstasy that I never experienced before.

So that being said here I go again. It is necessary to keep in mind that there are certain triggers that are necessary for me to have a pleasurable A Less or A session. Typically they need to occur between 2-6 AM. They are usually best if I have had an emptying ejaculation within the last 12 hours. For me that image of thick semen spewing in rolling spurts from my cock slit is often stuck in my mind as an erotic image that will help to launch me. Also for me pressure on the underside of my cock head is also a trigger. Until now that pressure has been from pressing my cock head into my wife’s derriere or even better against the heat of her anus if I am erect to my full length and sufficiently hard, which is typically the case in the early morning hours.

Perhaps one of the biggest dichotomies in me that has resulted from rewiring is the split in the images and scenarios that arouse me. When I am in my daily – normal routine female bodies entice me and make my cock harden. Yet when the pleasure waves start and my anus and anal opening convulse gently and my cock root starts pulsing and broadcasting exquisite ecstasy deep into my anal canal, the images that arouse me and enhance the orgasmic pleasure are those of long hard cocks and especially cocks lurching as ropes of cum fly from pulsing cock slits.

Yet another discovery for me was revealed just before Christmas. I have only had the opportunity to apply it a few times; it produces miraculously intense and a little scary results. The other thing that is unusual is that when I do it I sustain an erection as the session deepens; typically my penis softens as the pleasure deepens.

This technique is an A Less technique although I am looking forward to trying it this week with penetration by my Tempo. I can also do this on my back or on my side and without the warm caress of my wife’s ass cheeks on my cockhead.

All that is involved is making simultaneous very light and gentle circles (about the size of a dime) on my sulcus (cock cleft) and my left nipple. This action starts my prostate pulsing in less than 5 seconds and makes gentle pleasure waves ripple in and out of my anal canal in less than 20 seconds. If I continue and breathe in staccato gulps in time to the pulsing ripples the pleasure amplifies exponentially in metronomic tempo until they reach a screeching crescendo that locks my prostate in the grip of agonizing euphoria. At this point my cock is rock hard and oozing a stream of precum. Using that precum to lube my sulcus causes the pleasure to rise even further to excruciating highs. The span of the ecstasy extends from deep inside my anus to my opening, my perineum, cock root and the tip of my bulging cockhead.

I turned the light on to watch in aroused fascination the first time I felt the luxurious bliss permeate my rigid penis as it lurched and oozed. After the first 20 minutes of delirious rapture the precum transitioned to be thicker and more opaque. As I watched my warm thick juice glaze my pretty cockhead my heart raced; it was precum mixed with my semen. Yet despite the emission of semen the orgasms didn’t stop, in fact they got more intense. The convulsions of ecstasy rose and fell in a orchestrated chorus of percussive pleasure, pumping a cocktail of slippery copious emissions from my cock slit. My cockhead was coated with my ooze making it more and more responsive to my massage which only added to the pleasurable sensations. Images of beautiful sculptured coronas on cockhead filled my mind. I was awash in a sea of erotic orgasmic euphoria as my sex organs pulsed in anguished bliss.

After 40 minutes of sensuous massage of my nipple and sulcus they fused to become one sensation. The orgasms that were now resulting pulsed and shrieked in my brain. Each one involved a slow tentative quiver of my cock root and the corresponding hard convulsion of my prostate. As my prostate squeezed my anus trembled and spasmed in harmony as a ripple of the most elegantly erotic sensation traveled up the core of my cock to dance in my cock slit and taunt me deliriously as wave after wave of pleasure shrouded my sexy cockhead. My penis was covered in my slippery juice.

I rode the waves of this incredible sensation savoring the contractions of my anus and cock root and the gripping sensation of rhythmic orgasmic release that ended each convulsion. As visions to beautiful cocks floated past my consciousness I wondered how wonderful this would feel if my tempo were penetrating me and rubbing my convulsing swollen gland.

After two hours of this desperate rapture I stopped my massage and expected the orgasms to stop, but they didn’t. I rolled onto my side and released my nipples and cockhead from stimulation. The orgasms continued as if I had nothing to do with them. The exquisite immanency of orgasmic pleasure continued to gather in my anus and send a trigger to my prostate and cock root to orgasm despite the lack of stimulation. I tried to stand up and go to the bathroom to interrupt the reflex, but the orgasms continued even as I walked. I wound up lying on the floor in our hallway as the orgasms ruthlessly and unrelentingly played my anus and penis as if I was a toy. I began to get worried that it was out of control and I couldn’t stop these deeply pleasurable sensations from working my anal canal and my cock head.

In desperation I thought that if I ejaculated maybe I could get them to stop as my penis went into post ejaculation remission. So standing in front of the sink I began to stroke my long slippery shaft teasing and massaging my cock head in the process. The pleasure was drawn away from my prostate and dispersed along the length of my cock shaft. It wasn’t long before I felt the gathering congestion in my anus as my prostate swelled in preparation for release. It wasn’t long before my anus opened signaling that it was about to spasm in synchrony with ejaculation. When my anus closed the first rope of steaming jizz oozed from my cock slit. It was extremely thick and very very white, almost like liquid pearl.

Finally after jettisoning a large puddle of semen the urgency in my anus subsided and the orgasms in my prostate quelled, although the feeling of arousal remained. If I had chosen to I could’ve initiated the orgasms again, but I chose to try and sleep instead. And sleep I did.