1. I believe more that rewiring is not really a literal thing that happens to you. It is more like, your body adjusts to this new way of masturbating, or like, your brain LEARNING a new way to do something. No doubt, aneros sessions can spark your prostate, which in turn probably can cause pleasurable feelings in your head. The fact that you feel pleasure probably means that you are on to something. Keep at it!

  2. I sure will keep at it just added the Peridise to my list of toys. Thought I knew what the shaking was about but, WOW this little guy is amazing!?? it gave the shaking a new meaning. Have not experienced a super o yet or at least I don’t think so anyway??

  3. I too sometimes feel tingling in my head after I began rewiring. It just happens randomly from time to time now. I also get nice sensations up my left leg as well. Prostate pleasure is strange and mysterious, it really can’t be compared with regular penile stimulation. From what I’ve seen, bizarre new sensations are markers that you are making progress rewiring, enjoy the ride!

  4. One thing I find interesting is I woke up in the middle of the night last night to full body shakes. I had nothing in my ass either it happend probably 5hrs after I had used the Peridise

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