A little help

I've been using the helix syn for a few months now, but tonight was the first time I used the 'do nothing' approach. After a while I felt my muscles clench and the syn was pulled in. It felt amazing, but I couldn't hold it for long. Any tips on how to last longer – I think I'm close to the super-O. Thanks guys.

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  1. When I started the do nothing technique I had some amazing feelings. The problem I had with this approach is that I couldn’t force any feelings. I could neither recreate an amazing feeling I had in the last session nor put more intensity into the current session. Every thought about what could be, could have been another nail in the coffin for this session. I sometimes noticed how a thought would lead to voluntary contractions. And this always lead to exhaustion or frustration. I eventually learned that I had no saying in what I want to feel, I just had to feel and subordinate to what my body was allowing me to feel. But this is just my experience. Good luck on your journey!

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