Too much?

How much is too much use? I know Aneros says 2-3 times a week but, some blogs I have read I get the assumption that some people do it a lot more. I have done it more than 2-3 myself and have not had any draw backs yet from it but at the same time I’m thinking of taking several days break from it to let my body have some rest from it.



  1. I’ve never really felt like there is a “too much” as long as you can get yourself aroused and in the right mindset. It happens to be that for me, there will be stretches where my body is ready for prostate play daily, and there will be stretches where it might be a week or two before I’m feeling the groove. It’s really something to play by ear, because if you try to force a session you probably won’t have a particularly good session that time anyway.

  2. As long as your butt doesn’t experience problems and your prostate still reacts as strongly as it does, then you’re fine.

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