Helix syn or helix classic?

Planning to start out with one of these two and move up later.


* Pros: $15 cheaper, supposedly easier to clean/retains less smell, potentially more aggressive on the prostate


* Pros: Looks a bit better(imo), more comfortable, P-tab less annoying, maybe has design improvements

I’m having trouble deciding if the improvements are actually improvements or if the classic had it right and the syn has unnecessary changes. I realize that at the end of the day they are nearly identical so I’m not expecting a world of a difference, but if anyone has tried out both of them, could you share your experiences on which one you think it better?

As it stands, I’m leaning more towards the syn because it looks more luxurious.

Also, lube recommendations? I was thinking sliquid sassy?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/44jqnq/helix_syn_or_helix_classic/


  1. I can’t help you much with info on the Syn but I’ve got the classic and the Progasm. I much prefer the Progasm but I’m probably using it more as a plug than as a massager. I still find the p tab on the classic annoying but a square of toilet paper is generally enough to fix that.

  2. > P-tab less annoying

    I have an old Helix that I bought before the Syn models existed. Once the Syn models came out I decided to buy one during one of their sales, I use it exclusively now, never went back. I have never had an issue w/ the P-tab feeling uncomfortable w/ the Helix Syn, that was a problem I had on occasion w/ the classic one.

  3. All I know is I tried the syn and got much better results with the Progasm.

    Lube can be water-based, oil-based, or… I forget the third one. There isn’t much difference between brands of the same category. Go with whatever’s convenient.

  4. The Aneros Helix Syn has worked wonders for me – I’ve had it a few years and would buy it all over again.


    * Pros:
    * $15 cheaper. **Not enough of a price difference to matter in the long run.**
    * supposedly easier to clean/retains less smell. **I’ve had no issues cleaning my Syn.**
    * potentially more aggressive on the prostate. **Neither the plastic nor the silicone are particularly aggressive. The Aneros’s subtlety is part of what makes it work (slow buildup), so if you want aggressive, get an Njoy Pure Wand or something. That said, I can’t imagine tolerating harder plastic nearly as easily as the gentle silicone of the Syn.**


    * Pros:
    * Looks a bit better(imo). **Doesn’t really matter considering where that device will be 99% of the time ;)**
    * more comfortable. **Definitely, I have the Progasm and do not like the plastic nearly as much.**
    * P-tab less annoying, maybe has design improvements. **Yes and yes.**

    If you’re getting a Helix (which I recommend to all newcomers), go for the Syn, it’s better all around. With the Aneros, going bigger (Progasm) won’t necessarily help, since it’s all about gentle fluttering and maneuvering the device with contractions, not just pounding on the prostate.

    Just be patient with Aneros and don’t expect instant results. First 3 sessions don’t expect a thing, just get used to it and enjoy whatever you come across.

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