Progasm Jr. Test Drive

Well I finally had the chance to test drive the Progasm Jr. (I usually use Helix). Here are several observations:

The P Jr definitely is bigger (fuller) than the Helix.

Insertion is a little different in that the “head” of the P Jr. needs to be lined up with the anus prior to insertion.

Once in, it is obvious that this new tool is more in direct contact with the prostate!

Even with no anal contractions, the P Jr is definitely massaging the prostate.

There was an immediate larger quantity of precum and the penis erected almost immediately.

Very little movement seems to be generated with anal contractions.

The P Jr. nestles very nicely within the anal cavity and I probably would be able to sit in a chair and feel no discomfort.

I had almost immediately some involuntary lower limb “shaking” going on. After the session, I had some involuntary upper limb “shaking” as well…interesting!

It would seem to me that much less time will be spent achieving an O with the P Jr. than with the Helix. The Helix‘ smaller size makes for a longer session.

The rectum definitely needs to be empty before using P Jr. (I found this out recently!)

All in all, the P Jr. is a nice addition to the Helix and definitely provides more direct stimulation of the prostate.

I will try for a longer session next ride.

Side note: noticed a little ache in the balls and groin area; probably from extended erections (had this before).