Welcome Aboard!

A fitting title for this ride. Please excuse the vernacular, but welcome aboard the "Auto-Fuck" express would be more suitable!

I was awakened in the middle of the night with a now-familiar erection that would not quit. Quickly decided that another session was in order! Since I was ready for the ride, it didn't take but five minutes to start the P-waves. Almost immediately, the auto-anal contractions began and I swear did not let up for the next one and one-half hours. My contractions were not forced at all: they seemed to be generated from some internal pleasure "clock". I fastened my seat belt, held on and was ready to enjoy the ride.

Along the way, I tried a new position or two but eventually settled on a left side or right side position. It felt so good to massage my nipples and this time my underarms became very erogenous.

It seemed that the penis was just along for the ride this time. He really did not have any interest in this trip at all. Maybe that's the way it should be!

When the ride was over (I knew I had reached the station), I had a great sense of peace and a rewarding admiration of the male body which I continued to explore and caress. The scalp, ears, shoulders, torso, nipples, arms, and downward toward the penis, scrotum, perineum and then further down the legs to the toes. The male body, I concluded, is a wonderful creation! There is so much more that is stimulating besides our obvious external sexual tools.

I conclude that each ride, A or Aless is unique and must be appreciated for it's own merit. I am still surprised by the Aless responses I get during the day. Contractions cannot be seen but sure can be felt! Until the next ride……

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/welcome-aboard/