A Self-Challenge: Do-Nothing Session

I have been reading about the "Do-Nothing" Session and decided to try one. It was a quiet evening and I was expecting……nothing! Boy was I wrong!

Let me explain…

Here were the simple ground rules:

-Absolutely no anal contractions!

-Must lie in the same position perfectly still

-Normal breathing throughout

-Minimum time: 45 minutes

Following this initial phase, contractions will be permitted as in a regular session. However, the same position must be maintained. Simple, right?

Here's how this session unfolded:

I lubed up, inserted the helix and assumed a right side position which felt very comfortable. I was in bed naked but with the covers drawn so as not to be chilly.

All was going well for about 5 minutes when I noticed an involuntary "twitching" in my rectum alternating with some very powerful involuntary abdominal contractions. These abdominal contractions were completely unexpected and powerful and I reacted to each one with an audible moan. They occurred on a fairly regular basis for about 15 to 20 minutes or more. With every "twitch" and contraction, the prostate was getting a "jolt" from the helix. So much for "do-nothing" huh? It seems that the prostate just wouldn't stand for "nothing" (is this part of the re-wiring process?)

Around the same time, although I was covered and warm, I developed an uncontrollable shaking head to toe. This was also quite unexpected. The shaking lasted about 5 to 10 minutes I believe and eventually subsided.

I also felt a "crawling" near my prostate which resembled (pardon the visual) a small snake or worm. It was very much like a "tickle" on the prostate. I could also feel my blood pulse pumping near the helix. Even my normal breathing created a slight movement of the stimulator. During this time, my cock was up and down, but mostly down. There was some precum as well.

When the 45 minutes was up, I kept my promise to the prostate and started regular anal contractions, very light at first. They felt very good to start but I was not prepared for what was to come, and very soon.

The strokes on the prostate which I increased in intensity and frequency were causing an extremely orgasmic feeling in a very short period of time and I knew I was headed for at least a dry-O. In fact, I counted about f I v e (5) of them in fairly frequent succession, so I guess I experienced my first MMO!

After the last O subsided, the intense feeling of the orgasms ended rather abruptly. Even with significant stroking of the helix, there were no more orgasmic feelings. Thus ended this session.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-self-challenge-do-nothing-session/