Aneros-Less Ride

I had a little trouble sleeping after the "Do-Nothing" session. So while I was lying in bed, I decided to do a few contractions. What could be the harm in that? Let me tell you—-plenty!

-The contractions (without the Aneros) seemed to cause an immediate hard erection (including my balls which became engorged as well) and as I continued to do some contractions, it definitely felt like I was headed for a Dry-O! Didn't last a great while but I know from a previous A-Session that it was a Dry-O! I lay there is disbelief what had just happened. I didn't think it was possible with no Aneros inserted! I stopped the contractions and eventually went back to sleep.

-About an hour later, I woke up and my instinct was to do a few contractions to pass the time. What do you think happened? Apparently, my penis has a direct connection to the prostate, and within a minute, yep, I had a rock-hard erection including my balls. Since I had cum not that long ago, I just ignored the urge and tried to go back to sleep.

Time passed: 5 minutes, 10…, 15…, 20…, 25…, 30 minutes and I was as rock-hard as ever. All the while, I was lying on my stomach hoping the erection would subside. It didn't and I lay there aching, writhing in erectile agony not really wanting to ejaculate. I rolled over on my back and had yet another Mini-O at that time.

-Throw in some P-waves and another O and that gives you some idea what this "ride" was like. However, it is not yet the end of the story….

Must have gotten back to sleep, until…..

-About 2 hours later I woke up again with (you guessed it!) an erection which now felt stronger than before. I decided to get up and start this blog entry. I'm typing this with an erection with some precum and hard balls. Just trying to ignore it but can't.

Sitting here with an erection, I'm trying not to contract but sometimes it seems involuntary. I didn't think that I was "ready" for another ejaculation, although with this level of arousal and precum that I see, it seems inevitable at some point in the near future. I continue to say "No!" but am being ignored by my body. I don't know how long I can last this time. Oh what a predicament to be in!

As I reach the end of this blog entry, I glance down and see that my erection has at last subsided (yeah!) but for how long I do not know. As it disengorged, there is a lot of precum at the tip. I'm trying not to contract or rock on the chair this time, for fear that I may wake him again!

I am going back to bed trying to digest all that happened tonight. I have never in my wildest dreams to be entering this blog title as an "Aneross-Less Ride" but that is exactly the way it happened.

I'm feeling a little achy now in a different spot, could it be the prostate? He sure had a wild night and he deserves what he gets!

…..until the next "ride"