First Super-O Ride!

First Super-O ride! As I type this, I still feel a little weak (hard to type) and am still tingling all over from the experience…

Let me explain how I came to this point…

[This "ride" became another fantasy in my head
and it seemed very real]

Here it is:

I went to the doctor's office for my annual checkup which included a digital rectal examination. When my turn came, I went in to change in to the exam gown and proceeded to lie down on the examination table. The next person I saw was the nurse not the doctor as it always had been in the past. She told me that there is a new prostate exam process that will prepare the prostate for a "better" exam by the doctor in a little while and would I be okay to try it? Will it hurt? I asked. No, not at all, she said. In fact, I think you will fine it very pleasurable!

Okay, I said. I'm willing to try It!

The nurse proceeded to tell me about the prostate stimulator device and how she will insert it. She also told me that this device is new and that I will be able to take it home with me after my exam is completed. She told me I would be able to use it at home if I liked it. She also said that, because I seemed to be a little apprehensive about all of this, that she will give me a little something to relax me and prevent me from rolling off the table while the prostate is being prepared. She said I will feel very relaxed but will be unable to move my arms and legs for a little while. It is just to relax you, she said. We don't want you to fall off the table!

She put some lubricant within my anus and told me to lie on my side. The next thing I know is that I was feeling very comfortable but, as she told me, I could not move. I had this very small "tickle" which I could now feel probably on my prostate. It continued to build and it felt really good! I didn't know what to do at first, but I had some internal contractions within my rectum that felt so good and I noticed that if I squeezed my anus it would feel even better. I continued to do this and it really felt wonderful.

The nurse had left the room, leaving me on the table by myself. She told me that when I feel like my prostate is prepared enough, to push a little red button on the table and she will come back.
She showed me where it was. I was okay with that.


Some time passes as I (Goldenboy) am completely drawn in to the unfolding events.


The waves of pleasure continued to build, usually with only very slight contractions. As is unusual for me, I began moaning as the pleasure waves continued to build. At some point in time, the contractions become much more intense and more frequent. This had gone on for I really don't know how long. It felt so good, much more than "usual" for me. I could not stop it. I felt just a hint of a little "twinge" which felt a little different on the prostate.

Then, it happened!

I suddenly felt that I had no control over the stimulator. It was entirely on "auto-pilot". The next few events are not really clear in my mind at this time. I do remember "convulsing" on the bed, I believe, like a snake. My whole body was in motion. At the same time, I felt an unusual "state of mind" like I really didn't know who I was or where I was at the time. I couldn't even tell you how long this went on or what time it was.

The next thing I knew, I was back on earth and on the examination table!


WOW! I had no clue this was coming based on recent previous "rides". As I complete this blog for now, my body is still tingling and I am still slightly shaken from the experience!

BTW, I never did push that red button!