Kegel School! – Part 2

Goldenboy (GB) finds himself back in "Kegel School". He remembers that that the teacher (T) wanted him to learn a new exercise that would be very exciting and mind-blowing. He didn't know what it was but he was excited to find out!

(T) Hello Goldenboy!
(GB) Hello!
(T) I'm glad you came back today. I have a new exercise I want to teach you today. I think you'll like it and will make much progress by the end of this session.
(GB) How long will this session be? (He remember the last session with this teacher)
(T) It's all up to you!

(T) Okay…let's get started.
(T) Now I want to tell you that for this exercise, we will be using a prostate stimulator that is larger than the one you usually use ((it is the Progasm Jr. and not the Helix)). I hear that you don't want to try it due to it's size. Is that true?
(GB) Who told you that?
(T) It doesn't matter. It that true?
(GB) Yes it is.
(T) Okay. Here's what we are going to do. I'll get you lubed up and prepare the new stimulator and you will get ready for the new exercise. Okay?
(GB) Yes, I'm ready.

[Goldenboy sees the lubricated stimulator)
(GB) OMG!, are you sure that will fit in me?
(T) Yes, don't worry!
(T) Now roll over on your side and relax.
(GB) Okay.

(Goldenboy feels the new stimulator being inserted).

(GB) Wow! I can really feel that against my prostate!
(T) Yes you will feel it at first… Here's what I want you to do. Just lie there comfortably for about 10 minutes and become used to it.
(GB) Okay, I'll try.

10 minutes passes

(T) Now Goldenboy, how do you feel?
(GB) Not too bad!
(T) Good! I think you are ready for the next step.
(GB) Next step? But this stimulator feels rather filling. Are you sure you want me to continue?
(T) Don't worry Goldenboy! Relax!
(T) Now here is what I want you to do. Remember when you learned to do anal contractions?
(GB) Yes.
(T) Well I want you to start doing them, but this time I want you to do very, very light contractions.
(GB) Okay but how long do you want me to do them?
(T) Probably about 10 minutes should be enough.
(GB) Okay, I can do them.

Goldenboy does the light contractions for about 10 minutes.

(T) Very good, Goldenboy. You are a good student!
(GB) Thank you!
(T) Now you are ready to proceed with the next step. I need to warn you that this technique is not well known but will have very powerful results, one that will probably curl your toes. Are you ready to learn it?
(GB) Yes, let's get at it!
(T) Okay, here we go.

(T) Now this technique is called the "Clock Wind" technique.
(GB) "Clock Wind"? How does it work?
(T) It is really very simple. Let me explain it to you.

(T) I want you to visualize a wind-up clock. Now with each turn of the winder, I want you to perform a contraction three times, like this:

Wind 1: Light contraction, more contraction, still more contraction. Hold that last level of traction for 10 seconds and then slowly release it. Can you do that for me?

(GB) Sure, I'll try it.
(GB) Ohh….I can feel that in my prostate!
(T) I know it may be sensitive at first, but it will get better.

(T) Now let's proceed. I want you to practice about 5 "sets" of three contractions. Can you do that for me?
(GB) Of course!

(Goldenboy practices the Wind 1 contractions)

(GB) Teacher, that wasn't too bad! It actually is feeling pretty good!
(T) Great! You are ready to proceed with Wind 2.
(GB) Wind 2?
(T) Yes. What I want you to do now is a total of six contractions, like this:

Wind 2: light contraction, more contraction, more contraction, more contraction, more contraction, last contraction, for a total of six contractions. Then hold for 10 seconds at that last level and slowly release. Can you try that for me? Let's do 5 "sets".
(GB) Sure can! Here goes!

(Goldenboy competes the next five sets of Wind 2 contractions)

(GB) Okay, that is starting to feel great!

(T) Now here comes the part that may blow you away. Hold on to yourself. Now you are counting to six…. I want you to know that you should be able to count to 30, for a total of 10 Winds!

(GB) Thirty! You must be F*****g kidding!
(T) No Goldenboy and please watch your language!! You must learn to slowly increase the contractions until you really can't contract any more. The "Clock Wind" technique will get you there easily and you will get much further along in your progress. Are you ready to go?

(GB) (Hesitating)….All right. I apologize.

…Goldenboy "ramps up" his contractions using the "Clock Wind" technique he has just learned.

(GB) Teacher, I think I am making good progress. However, when I do that 10 second "hold" I am starting to feel an ache in my lower abdomen. It feels like my prostate is being squeezed harder and harder. Is that okay?
(T) It is good! That is exactly what we want!

Goldenboy continues to "ramp up" to 30 contractions. He can't believe that he was able to do it! By this time, he is starting to feel a deep ache in his prostate that he knows may be leading up to an orgasm.

(T) Now Goldenboy, I want you to know that I am very pleased with your progress today. I want you now to do a "cool down" for me with about 10 minutes of very light contractions, like we did at the beginning. Can you do that?
(GB) Sure I can.

Goldenboy "cools-down" with light contractions.

(T) Very good Goldenboy! We are almost done! Now we have the last part of this exercise. Are you ready?

(GB) By all means! I'm ready to go.

(T) Good! Now I want you to put into practice all that you have learned today about strong contractions. I want you to spend the next 15 to 20 minutes or so performing more "robust" contractions with this new stimulator. Don't be afraid to really squeeze hard. Just remember to "hold" the contraction for a while before you release it. Are you ready to try it?
(GB) Let's go!

Goldenboy starts to perform "robust" contractions with more force.

(GB) Wow! I'm starting to really feel this in my lower abdomen, and especially when I hold the contraction. It feels like I am being pumped-up with semen. It is building up to what I know is going to be an orgasm!

(T) That's good Goldenboy! Just let it go!

Goldenboy proceeds with the strongest contractions yet that he just learned and has three Dry-O's is succession (an MMO and he knows that a Super-O may follow). He is getting sensations of red color through his closed eyes and feels he may be building up for a Super-O.

(GB) OMG Teacher, I think I can continue to maybe a Super-O!

(T) No Goldenboy, I think you have done quite well enough for today. You have plenty of time for that Super-O. I just want to congratulate you on your fine performance. You are a very good student! This class is over!

(GB) Thank you! I'll continue to practice this technique that I just learned. It may just help me to have a Super-O!