OMG! MMO In A Chair!

OMG! Feeling a little "buzz" while sitting here at my computer. Just did a few contractions, then BAM!
Started feeling distinct P-waves which continued to build and build. Suddenly finding myself in the middle of a Dry-O. I was starting to shake all over in the chair. I had my hands over my eyes just taking in this experience. Things settled down only for short while then started up all over again….and again….and again. I counted at least 4 O's in quick succession. It is not over yet, I feel another wave coming on…

Starting to shake all over again, another O! My cock is is up hard on this one. This is beginning to be unreal! As I type this I feel another stronger one coming on….have to stop for a while!

Ooh! That one curled my toes! How long will this continue?

These O's are continuing in cycles, it seems. Looking at my cock, significant precum. Seems like the prostate is pumping!

It feels like things have settled down at least for now. I don't know if I should attempt any more contractions (but I really want to!)

Got up to go #1. My "package" feels very sensitive. Feeling very horny. Sat down and immediately started with the P-waves and shaking all over.

Almost seems that the prostate wants to "ejaculate' on it's own. Toes curling under again. Starting to get some involuntary anal contractions as well. Going to get up for a while. Prostate is still "buzzing".


Feel horny as hell. Deep ache in lower abdomen. Can't believe it but I feel like I need to ejaculate again!