“Triple Feature” Session – A “Dud?”

A session less than ideal, if I were to be honest about it! Here is a summary as best I can remember.

I went into this session not knowing which "fantasy" I wanted to play out. There were about a dozen candidates and I did not pre-select one in advance. So after I "fell into" the first fantasy (which I thought I would stay-with until the end of the session), it became evident that this session became in fact a "triple feature".

Let me explain further….

Opening Act:
I find myself on a desert island. I come across a "package" on the beach. I open it up and find a prostate stimulator and a tube of lubricant. I am all alone on the island and I need to pass some time. I "explore" my body with the stimulator. I lay down on the sand, lube up and insert it. I find myself listening to the nearby surf. My penis and balls feel good against the warm sand (I am laying on my stomach). I am doing light anal contractions and the P-waves start almost immediately. I thought I would finish with this fantasy, but then….

Middle Feature:
The channel is changed. I am ALREADY in a new fantasy: I am taking a "night class" in male arousal (it is an adult class). This particular class demonstrates using a prostate stimulator as a tool. The teacher asked for a volunteer from the class. I enthusiastically raised my hand! I am laying on a table in the front of the class with the stimulator inserted. The lights are dimmed in the classroom and the class is observing me as I continue with the P-waves. The contractions are becoming stronger now and I can feel the helix moving in and out with ease. I thought again I would complete this fantasy, but then….

The Ending:
The channel is changed yet again. I am ALREADY in this fantasy: I am on a table in a new urologists' office preparing for a checkup. The doctor has insisted on a very copious semen sample from me. I find myself doing very deep contractions. As I do each contraction, I "hold" it for about 10 seconds. With each "hold" I feel myself getting "pumped" up with semen. I decide to turn on the light briefly and look down at my penis. There is some precum visible. I continue to do the strong contractions and see even more discharge. At some point, I manually "wake-up" my semi-hard penis and with a little bit of ball-play, achieve a Super-T (Super-E) thus obtaining the requested sample. With each ejaculatory contraction of semen (about 8 pumps), I could feel the helix pressing deep within me. There was a significant amount of semen. My doctor would be pleased.

Upon ending this session, I noticed that the helix was more difficult to remove, almost like it was glued-in-place. It seems that it had been pulled quite deep into the rectum during the ejaculation.

As I am typing this, I am now not so sure that "pre-selecting" a fantasy in advance is really such a good idea. I need to re-think this before the next session. Maybe I should not even think about any particular fantasy going into a session. The spontaneous element of the fantasy (like those in past sessions) was missing from this one, thus diminishing the overall experience and making it more confusing. All-in-all, however, this "triple feature" had a "happy ending"!

…..until the next ride

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/triple-feature-session-a-dud/