New Aneros Session Ideas

I have noticed that a lot of my sessions are built around an erotic or sexual fantasy. I don't plan them that way; it just seems that is the way my mind works!

I have recently come up with a dozen or so "new" fantasies that I would like to try out. My problem now is I don't know how to select only one. I can either do one of two things:

1. I can put all of them in a "hat" and select one or 2. I can preselect one in advance and proceed.

I don't know yet which way I will go. The problem here is that I would like to retain the "spontaneous" element of a session and not be "locked-in" to an expected result.

One additional thing I thought about and will probably implement with the next session: since I may know in advance that a fantasy is coming, I can prepare beforehand by having my anus and the stimulator pre-lubricated and ready-to-go. Then I can "fall into" the fantasy (the right way) from the beginning and insert the stimulator at the right time. This seems like a more logical approach. I'll try it on the next "ride".

PS There is always the possibility that the fantasy may take a weird "turn" or I may end up with a completely different one! We'll see……