Small Success!!! First Dry Orgasm!!!

I'm not much of an author but I'd like to record my successes in the hopes that I can learn from my rides. Although they are short I hope as others read them they may be helpful.

I few days ago I went for a ride on my Progasm Ice. As before I prepared the room with the lube and towels. I found a video on YouTube that helps me relax (Erotic Hypnosis for an Intense Orgasm). It helps me relax and gets me in the mood. After I'm relaxed and in the mood I inserted the Progasm.

The contractions as always are intense. Forty five minutes go by and all this time I can feel my prostate swell and the toy keeps pushing in and pulls out on it's own. I started teasing my nipples then all of a sudden I felt my prostate swell and pulsate. The feeling was awesome. The next thing I know my dick was getting hard. My balls were swelling up also. I started feeling like I had to ejaculate. Then it started. I started orgasming but not ejaculating. It was a dry orgasm. I rode it through and at the end I did have a lot of precum.
I think the nipple teasing helped push me over the hump.