“Gentlemen, Start Your Engines”

I have experienced recently that if my prostate is not “buzzing” from a recent session, I usually can ‘wake it up’ just by starting anal contractions. In time, I will feel the “buzz” and can proceed as far as I want, even to orgasm. This usually will result in an erection as well. I suppose that the prostate can be “awakened” almost at any time.

I can’t help but to think back in time to our ancestors’ “sex lives”. Perhaps, a long time ago, there was no modern “foreplay” time in bed as we do today, no cuddling, no “stroking” of the penis either. When a male wanted “sex” with a female, perhaps he too just did some anal contractions to stimulate his prostate and this be ready very quickly for intercourse. Just a thought, but it makes sense to me! Today, we as guys could probably do the same thing, although we would come across as being very horny and “rape-minded” with our female companions if we proceeded that way. Ever get horny with a rock-hard erection and just need to penetrate and thrust? Some guys probably do act this way towards their mates sometimes but do not realize the reason why? Maybe you can “blame” our ancestors!

Just a thought…….

{Side note: during a recent Aless ride, I felt a very strong urge to work my finger near my anus and press hard, slowly working its way into the opening. I felt the prostate’s response almost immediately and I quickly “came” to ejaculation. The power of the prostate again!)

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/gentlemen-start-your-engines/