“Eupho – First Ride”

I ordered the Eupho and was eagerly anticipating my first ride. Here it is….

When I first looked at the Eupho, I noticed that although it is about the same length as the Helix which I already have, it has a smaller diameter at the tip (head). My first impression was that this stimulator could not be nearly as powerful as the Helix with which I already have experienced a Super-O! Was I wrong!

Let me explain….

The Eupho goes in just like the Helix. Once in, I did not really notice anything different. However, after about a 10 minutes relaxation period, I started to do some light anal contractions. What I noticed immediately is that there is more movement possible with the Eupho than with the Helix. Also, since the head is smaller, the Eupho "massages" only portions of the prostate at a time. By performing stronger contractions (and even reverse kegels RKs), you stimulate dirrerent parts of the prostate. You can "jump" the Eupho around on the prostate just by varying your contraction technique and get different sensations with every part stimulated. In this way, you are "teasing" the prostate, I feel, and although the feeling may not be initially as robust as that of the Progasm Jr. or even the Helix, it is as if the prostate were slowly being "teased" into an orgasm.

As a comparison, it reminds me of performing a very slow and deliberate "teasing" masturbation, first starting with the balls, then onto the perineum and finally with the base of the penis (but not the head yet!). The excitement is almost unbearable. When the head of the penis finally is stroked, an ejaculation is sure to follow and quickly. That is the closest feeling I can imagine with the Eupho and it will make for some intensely mind-blowing rides. I believe that the session length with the Eupho will necessarily be longer to compensate for the "teasing" effect. However, I would anticipate that any orgasms experienced with the Eupho will be earth-shattering! Note that during this ride, I did not experience any O's yet. However, I feel that a longer session length would quickly lead to the O's. Next time! And a Super-O with the Eupho will probably blast me into orbit!

The Eupho may yet be my "go-to" Aneros for future rides!

Until the next ride……

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/eupho-first-ride/