Need help choosing which model

Hi, since a long time ago I have fantasized about using an aneros and I finally have the chance to buy one. After reading lots on forums and people experiences, I still can not decide If I should go and buy the MGX or Helix. I am a total beginner at this, I am below 20s and I am short, and I havent even found my prostste, I have only tried finding it like 3 times.

sorry if my grammar is bad, english is my 2nd language



  1. Apparently the new Helix Syn is of a material that soaks up the scent. Whereas the earlier white version is of a different material, which doesn’t still smell after cleaning.

  2. I am also short (5’3) I just got the Helix and I am really enjoying it. If you are new to this like I am be patient and consider the first few sessions as “practice”. It took me three sessions to fight the urge to purge. YMMV of course

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