Multiple Whole Body Super Orgasms! (The Ride Of My Life!)

This was my "second ride" with the Eupho. Believe me, I never expected this!

Let me explain…..

I like the feelings I get from Eupho. Very subtle, not too direct and the sensations vary with the frequency and strength of the contractions. I was progressing with this session quite well but not expecting very much since it was only my second "ride" with the Eupho. I had been in this session and feeling great pleasure waves (and I was lightly moaning throughout which is unusual for me) for about an hour with only slightly orgasmic sensations. I expected nothing more from this session and thought about ending it.

Then, I remember the next events quite vividly: as I was about to stop the contractions, I felt them building up to a more regular cadence, almost involuntarily. The orgasmic sensations continued to build and build. I suddenly remember becoming rock-hard in only about 5 to 10 seconds. Around the same time, the next thing I remember was starting to experience some involuntary and powerful muscle contractions (but not shaking), first with my lower legs, then my mid-torso, then my shoulders, then my arms, and then my head, until my entire body was experiencing an involuntary "spasm" which I could not stop. I remember "contorting" on the bed like a "slinky"! I believe that this went on for at least several minutes. I did not experience any "memory lapse" or coma-like altered state like I did during my first Super-O. This one was quite different. I don't remember any moaning at this time.

When the convulsing stopped, and it stopped quite suddenly, I experienced a sudden "calm" like I have rarely experienced. I just laid there, totally calm and blissful. It was almost as if the "storm" had passed in the sea and I was just relaxing, rocking in my boat with not a care in the world!

I just laid there for perhaps 20 to 30 minutes, not really wanting or able to move.

I finally came back to reality and attempted to perform some light anal contractions. I quickly came to realize that this event was over (or so I thought!) because I was not experiencing any more pleasure waves or orgasms from the prostate. Following another 10 minutes or so of pure bliss, I ended this wonderful session!

Side Note: Unlike the last Super-O with the Helix, I did not experience a drastic "altered state" with this one. That is why this Super-O caught me off-guard. I do remember just prior to the orgasm feeling some unusual internal visuals which I can't really explain. I vaguely remember an orange and/or green sensation from within. (The thing that struck me most was the sudden, intense erection which I had experienced. Note that I already had a quite powerful ejaculation earlier in the evening about an hour or two prior to this. This ejaculation was about 6", quite powerful for me).

Additional Note: This Super-O was probably like the first one, except with the Eupho it was "played-back" in slower motion, it seems. That is why I remember much more of it.

I stayed on the ride……and it started up again!

Note: as I am sitting here typing this, I am suddenly getting a most powerful "aftershock" which feels like a Dry-O. My toes are curling under and I am getting hard. I need to get back to the bed for a while to take this in….

O M G! I have just experienced a SECOND Aless Super-O! As I laid in bed, I began to shake slightly. Before I realized it, I was again convulsing, but this time it was MUCH more powerful and I was MOANING. I could not stop it and just had to "ride it out". This went on for I believe 2 minutes. Then, it passed and I felt the calm again. However, the prostate was still "buzzing". I'm going back to sleep….

Continuing the ride: I experienced THREE Mini-O's in quick succession! Then, the most amazing thing of all happened:

I felt myself "leave my body" — I was weightless and "floating" high up near the mountains, still higher until I could actually see the puffy clouds below…. I felt an extreme calm like I have never felt before. I felt paralyzed… I could not move a muscle. I only felt a slight twitching in my rectum and prostate at this time. This state went on for, I believe, 15 to 20 minutes. As I came back to earth, I now feel a general state of euphoria. I am feeling very relaxed and at peace. I am going back to sleep….is this ride over yet?

Prostate has stopped "buzzing" for now. It feels like it has really been "worked-over" tonight. Feeling very calm and euphoric again.

Now notice very slight anal/rectal/prostate involuntary contractions along with a slight erection. All of this seems to have "awakened" the prostate (which I thought had retired for the night!) Seems to be building up to something.

YES! – a very slight Aless Whole Body Super-O (#3) much less than before but still some involuntary convulsing; no moaning this time. Still feeling the euphoria. Now going back to sleep again….

This ride is not over yet folks!

Sudden, strong erections as I am walking around and my balls are beginning to get very sensitive. Seems like the prostate is "pumping" towards an ejaculation. These erections are coming in waves. Significant amount of precum as well. I'll try to ride this out as long as I can. Another erection and still more precum. I'm starting to feel an ache now low in my abdomen. Current erection has subsided a little (but not much).

Suddenly getting extremely horny and feel like I need to penetrate something, anything just to get off. My balls are really achy and this erection just won't quit. Feels like I am going to ejaculate! Need to stroke my balls just to keep some sanity. Head of the penis is now wet. Feels like the prostate has a "strangle hold" on my penis and just won't let go!

I give up……I grab my lube and attempt to put myself out of misery….no luck and no ejaculation yet. I think my prostate is now "teasing" me ….since I "teased" it with the Eupho! Going back to bed…..Interesting, seem to be "thrusting" penis in bed, almost automatically!

Finale: "The well is dry!" I think my prostate is finally getting the message! I think this "ride is (finally) over!!


After-Note: It seems to me that, at least in my case, the prostate (when sufficiently aroused, say, through Aneros stimulation), has an ejaculatory "program" that it uses to accomplish it's goal (ejaculation). It does this by automatically erecting the penis, cause extremely intense sensations in the testicles and a "pulsing" within itself to ready the "rocket" to fire! Normally, the hdad of the penis will be stimulated as well through penetration or hand masturbation, thus triggering an ejaculation. If it does not yield an ejaculation the first time, it waits a period of time then attempts to "launch" it all over again! What a wild ride!

(Normally, I think, this ejaculatory "program" is triggered much more slowly through GRADUAL stimulation of the prostate, through normal masturbation and massaging of the testicles and perineum among other erotic stimulations.)

PS: I added to this blog essentially in "real-time" and it happened exactly as I experienced it, without any embellishment. I will probably be wearing a jockstrap today to keep my "junk" in check!

PPS: The "euphoric" feeling lasted much more that the first Super-O which I believe was about 2 hours. This feeling was not quite as powerful but lasted about 3 times as long: about 6 hours!

Until the next ride…….