“What is Sex? Why Does It Feel So F***** Good?”

This session became the ultimate "do-nothing" Aless session!

I was laying in bed in the early morning hours just wondering if I should begin an Aneros session? I took off my clothes, was just laying there and began "exploring" my body and my thoughts drifted to this whole "sex" thing for us.

Now I am not a philosopher so I will not even attempt to give a philosophical viewpoint of this subject. I will, however, give my own "male interpretation" of it.

[I must say right off that I am interpreting this discussion as a "straight" guy and do not in any way disparage alternative sexual relationships.]

Here goes……

First off, I understand that lofty discussion about that "continuing the species" aspect of sex as it relates to our Maker. It sounds so logical but so cold. Of course there has to be a deeper meaning behind it all. I will attempt to put into words what I was feeling.

Male Aspect: Our male bodies are truly unique. It has been said that the entire male (and female) bodies are erogenous zones, every square inch. And I believe that to be true. Of course, we can explore our most erogenous areas at length: the penis, testicles, scrotum, anal region, nipples and so on. These are all highly erotic. We are "wired" to elicit this sexual response to external stimuli such as touch, smell and taste. Visually, we can see our erect members and they are wonderful to look at! A newfound pleasure can be found in the prostate. If we never had any contact with females, we could remain in a "blissful" state regarding sex for the rest of our lives. However, there is so much more to this subject…..

Female Aspect: Of course (not being female), I am not in a position to comment or judge with any degree of authority on this subject. I can, however, use my imagination and say without hesitation that the female body is equally as unique as ours (we all have the same Maker) and was created with the same care and attention as our own male bodies. Every square inch of the female body, I believe, will be erogenous including the most obvious ones: the breasts, nipples, vulva, clitoris, anal region, and so on. As a male, I can only imagine how erotic they can become. The female body, then, is "wired" like ours to elicit a sexual response to external stimuli such as touch, smell and taste. Visually, females can also look at their bodies and be pleased with what they see! If females never had any contact with males, they could remain in a "blissful" state regarding sex forever. This is, obviously, not the end of the discussion……

Male/Female "Coupling" Aspect: This is where the fireworks start! Speaking from personal experience about my wife years ago, I realized that there was something about her "body" that elicited an extremely powerful sexual response within me. Perhaps it were her breasts, or her touch on my erogenous areas, or her kiss, or all of the above! Whatever it was, it was unique and I was enraptured by her, so much so that I married her! Almost 30 years later, I am still enthralled by her!

When the male and female bodies get together and "become one" (in the biblical sense), at least from my male viewpoint, there is literally an explosion of feelings! This "magnetic" attraction is very real and we were made that way! I don't suppose that the females will ever understand this, but for a male the point of ejaculation becomes the ultimate release. (I suppose that the female "orgasm" can be a similar feeling but I'll never know). All guys know that there is a "point of no return" for the ejaculatory response. We can't stop it and it is literally the fireworks "grand finale". I am beginning to believe that this response is no accident. It was planned upon our creation!

What Is This Sexual Feeling?

I began to ponder this in more depty. I will have to conclude that our "Maker" had one chance to get this right and He did! We have been passing down this sexual response for generations and there probably has been little that has changed over the years and decades and centuries.

He obviously got it right! Our bodies (male and female) are "wired" with our nerve endings ending up in our brains. But is that all that sex is? It sounds so clinical and cold. We speak of "sex" as if it were a real, touchable thing which it is not. However, I am beginning to believe that "sex" is a tangible, permanent "organ" of our bodies and is not just a collection of nerve endings in our brains. It is a mysterious "organ". We have a heart, a brain, a stomach and so on. We also have this "mental thing" called "sex". That is why there is no escaping it. I always hear the women say that we men only have "one thing" on our minds: SEX! They probably are not too far from the truth. It is said by women that men think about sex at least once every (fill-in-the-time-period)! This is probably true as well and I am speaking from personal experience. But why is this true? (Incidentally, I can't confirm it, but I would believe that all men think about sex most of the time). This it is an "organ" in our bodies! We were designed that way!

Again, this gets back to my original point about "continuing the species". Yes, we need to continue the species and our Maker insisted that we remember this no matter what! That there will always be this "magnetic" attraction of males and females is quite logical and wonderful!

Why Does Sex Fee So F****** Good?

Again, this goes back to how we were made. If we cut ourselves, we feel pain. If we tickle ourselves, we feel some giddy pleasure. But if we have a sexual release (ejaculation and all the build-up for a man, clitoral orgasm for a woman) we feel ???? But what is the feeling? Yes, it is a sexual feeling. But exactly what is it? This is the ultimate question and I am not sure I can properly answer it……but let me try…..

Sex is the ultimate expression of Love from our Maker. He endowed it on us for two reasons: obviously to continue His creation and with it, to bring about for us the ultimate pleasure that we can experience here on this earth (there may be more pleasure in "heaven" but we will not know about it until we arrive there!)

He also gave us the unique opportunity to "share" this pleasure with our female partners, and likewise they with us. We can share this feeling as often as we want it. What is mind-blowing to me is that we are automatically passing-on all of this to our children! At such a young age, they have no clue what is in store for them, sexually.

Conclusion: I did not expect this to ramble as it did. Sex is a very complicated subject and I am sure that whole books have already been written about it. But as a mere male mortal, it is a fascinating subject and elicits some very deep thought!

Of course, after all is said, we can always negate all of this esoteric discussion for now and just enjoy it! After all, that is why it was created! It is the ultimate pleasure!

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