Aneros: One Month In- – What Have I Learned?

Having experienced Aneros for little over a month now, I feel it is time to "explore" all that I have learned thus far. It is an extensive list!

The Male Body:
Our bodies are truly incredible! Besides the "necessary" functions of heart, lungs, eyes, brain, etc. to keep us alive, there is this "optional" pleasure function….sex! I have learned that sex is that mysterious "organ" that pervades our lives in numerous ways. As males, we are "enrobed" in the sexual experience: hardly a moment goes by in our lives that we are not thinking about it nor acting upon it. How many times have I masturbated? I couldn't even hazard a guess! Did it feel good? You must be kidding! There is no feeling on earth that compares to ejaculation (right guys?). At least, I haven't found one yet! Add in the pleasurable feelings of the aroused prostate (and rectum and anus) and related orgasms and….well, you get the picture!

The Aneros Experience:
With the advent of Aneros and prostate stimulation, I have become to realize that the prostate gland is the "master sex gland" of the male body and is responsible for so many things "sexual": erection, testicle and perineum stimulation, nipple arousal. I have found that by Aneros' stimulating the prostate, besides the obvious ejaculatory response (numerous times!) there is this "deliciously" sexual feeling inside my body that is hard to put into words ("buzzing prostate" for example). I can "feel" more alive (in a sexual way). This is how I was created and I love it!

I have already experienced the "Super Orgasm". WOW! If you think ejaculation is a release, you should experience a Super-O (or two, or three!) How to describe a Super-O? I don't think words exist. But let me attempt it…..It is a release of the male "sexual energy" that resides within us males in all it's forms: body, mind and spirit all wrapped up into one realm that can take on many nuances. I have already experienced whole-body shakes and contortions, mind-blowing events such as flashes of color, out-of-body experiences (with paralysis), coma-like trances with loss of memory, and feelings of tranquility unlike any other I have experienced.

The Re-Awakened Prostate and Re-Wiring:
The regular Aneros use has "re-awakened" my prostate and "re-wired" it to the extent that I am "primed" for sexual response in the way I was originally created. I don't have to worry about premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, taking Viagra, wondering whether I can "get it up", or anything else related to my sexual identity. I can get an erection now (with proper stimulation) within seconds! I have had more erections in the past month than, probably, the entire last year! My ejaculatory release is easily five times what is "usually" is. The quantity of semen which I release is easily two or three times my "normal". I seem to have the sexual "strength" of a SuperMan! And this is not fleeting, it seems to be a regular part of my existence now. My wife is complaining but I think she really likes it! I have felt my confidence level skyrocket because of my boost in sexual drive. There is a new level of sexual "connection" with both males and females which I did not have before. Hard to describe, but I seem to be able to "feel" their sexual energy, if this makes any sense. It is as if all the "pieces of the puzzle" are now in place and it feels so f*****g good!

Where Do I Go From Here?
Only time will tell, I guess. Since no two Super-O's have been the same, there is great excitement and anticipation for future ones. What is the "ultimate" Super-O? I can't say but I know that it will probably blow me away! Just as our brains can always be "thinking" about something new, I suppose that my Super-O sexual "responses" will be just as varied. I can't wait to discover them!

I wish I had embarked on the Aneros experience years ago! Since I did not, there is no use lamenting over the past. I am eager to experience all that Aneros has in store for me in the coming months and years! Aneros forever!