The Aneros Peridise – A Review

The Aneros Peridise is designed to be a deceptively simple device. It is very easily inserted and, once in, is supposed to provide an enticing and stimulating anal and rectal stimulation.

So far, I have used the "large" beginner device and the "small" more advanced device, both with water-based lubricants. Each "session" lasted only about 15-20 minutes. Let me say right off that I was "underwhelmed" at the feelings I received from these devices. Is the Peridise over-rated?

I wondered…….

I decided to perform an "experiment". I would use the "large" device this time with my "regular" oil-based lubricant (Boy Butter). I lubed up the Peridise and my anus, rolled over and inserted it. It inserted very easily and I felt it "pull" itself in as promised. I waited a short time, not expecting much, until……

O M G!!! I had an immediate erection and at once, I felt the intensely pleasurable waves of anal pleasure as the Peridise began to easily move in and out of the rectum with moderate contractions and anal "pressure" on my part. It would not stop! I kept this up for a while…..I remember contracting it harder and finally "held" the hardest contraction and…..

OMG! I can't take it anymore! This is ridiculously insane pleasure!

It seems to me now that the type of lube definitely makes a difference with the Peridise, as it does for the Aneros prostate stimulators. I find that I use Boy Butter now almost exclusively with the Aneros instead of water-based lubes with great results!

This "session" went on for I believe 35 minutes; how much more could I endure? (probably not too much more). Could this device have been invented by someone bent on driving me out of my mind with pleasure? I wondered. I actually was moaning and (almost) screaming to STOP IT! STOP IT! already! It probably felt stronger than the "pleasure" a guy experiences with his most-powerful build-up and ejaculation except that this one DOES NOT STOP! It is mind-blowing!

I could not take any more of this and decided to "end" this session. I don't really know how a Peridise session is "supposed" to stop. Perhaps screaming in sexual agony followed by an ejaculation? While in the session, I fantasized that I was being "tortured" to death with pleasure as the Peridise was "doing it's thing" within my anus! My hands were tied in the front of my body; my feet were tied. What a way to go! How long would it take? Hours? Days? Could I endure it much longer?

I could only imagine……..

Dare I take another "ride" on Peridise?……..

Post-Note: Performing anal contractions, feel a definite "pleasure" now within the anus (not the prostate) and am getting an erection. This is a mind-blowing addition to my "regular" prostate pleasure. Am I being re-wired again?