Male “Tidbits”

I thought I would put some of these into words:

-It seems to me (and it is not my imagination) that my "package" is longer and fuller all around since Aneros use. This applies to the penis as well as the testicles. I notice it now in the gym especially after a shower. I wonder how common this is for Aneros users? I notice my male "bulge" more often now and am proud of it! I wonder if anyone else notices?

-Since regular Aneros use, I have not noticed the "blue balls" syndrome (which can be quite painful) that comes with repeated extended erections.

-The prostate "aftershock" is a very real event and I can expect it almost after every Aneros session. It is aptly named, similar to an earthquake aftershock. Multiple aftershocks are usually likely. The aftershocks in my case usually consist of involuntary periodic powerful erections accompanied by prostate spasms/contractions and a "pumping" of the prostate with semen with very visible precum, until the point of ejaculation. Multiple "aftershocks" seem to be normal in my case. It seems to me that significant prostate stimulation with Aneros almost always results in ejaculation at some point, to achieve a balance. There seems to be no "turning back" on this ejaculation (I have tried) but it will come no matter what. This is similar to the "point of no return" for a regular male ejaculation except that this one can be agonizingly and pleasurably long. The aftershocks can be quite delayed in terms of hours but they are coming.

For a male, this is a wonderful feeling but it can lead to some embarrassment in public situations. I have found that I am wearing a jock more regularly now (due to the sudden erections) to prevent these embarrassments. It feels great!

-Regarding the aftershocks, I have noticed that sitting in a soft chair (especially after a session) can also stimulate the "buzzing" prostate to the point of causing prostate contractions and a possible orgasm, so I must be aware of this especially in a public situation. No moaning allowed!

-A "buzzing" prostate is almost always a sign of greater things to come! It usually just does not "go away" on its own (unlike an occasional erection which can usually be ignored and will subside). Again, I have to be aware of this in public.

-I am able to achieve an erection now with very little stimulation. Who needs Viagra?

-I feel more "alive" as a male and it feels wonderful! I have a newfound confidence in my abilities as a male.

-I am disappointed when I read Aneros forum entries where guys are not experiencing the pleasures of prostate stimulation even after extended periods of use. All I can say is that it did take some time in my case before I started to experience the prostate orgasms. But once I did, WOW! and now they are regular with almost every session!

-I seem to have prostate O's on a more regular basis now; tyhey are not "hit or miss" as they once were. I seem to be more "in tune" with my male body and I know how it works.

-Regarding the Super-O: I experience these on a more regular basis now, but each one is unique. That is what is so intriguing about these orgasms. They are not "always the same" as a regular penile ejaculation (although all of them feel great!) and if I keep an open mind, all things can be possible!

-This may seem a bit "kinky" but I am now intrigued by other anal toys and may explore one or two more in the future. The Peridise has resulted in fantastic feelings "down there" and I believe that even more pleasure is possible.

-Finally, is there anything more F*****GLY better-feeling than sex in all its forms? I don't think so either!

PS I am sitting here completing this entry and performing anal contractions. Starting to feel a "buzz"……let's see where this goes…..

OMG! As I perform stronger contractions regularly, I am starting to squirm and am getting an erection. Now feeling an ache deep in the lower abdomen. Nice to know the prostate is "wired" for action! I'll "save" this orgasm for later! Now retiring to bed for a while. Should I do some contractions there?

YES! Started to do light anal contractions in bed while applying some direct pressure to the perineum area…….OMG! Achieved about 5 orgasms (mostly Dry-O's buy a couple had some whole-body involvement!). What a feeling knowing that I can achieve these seemingly "at will" and Aless!

Side Note: Seems that an impending "bowel movement" puts extra pressure on the prostate, thus further increasing the stimulation and resulting orgasms. Prior to one of the orgasms, I felt a distinct funny "tickle" near the prostate. Don't remember feeling that before.

Additional note: I see how important the anal contraction technique is to the prostate orgasm. The strength and frequency and location(s) of the contractions all play a part in achieving the best results. It also seems that some time, the contractions become almost automatic! This is mind-blowing! The best part is: Nobody has to know!