“I am Alive With Sexual Energy”

It is really hard to put this down……

Having just experienced some prostate orgasms (close to Super-O's) without the Aneros (Aless) I began to feel an incredible energy building inside of me! This energy seems to radiate DIRECTLY from the male organs: penis, testicles, scrotum, prostate, perineum, anus, and further on to the other erogenous "areas" especially the nipples. There is a tremendous energy radiating from the male body and the male organs and I can feel it! I put my left hand over my penis and testicles and my right hand beneath me near my anus and perineum and…..

OH MY! Feel the energy! There is nothing else like it. It is a tremendous power surging within me and it is mind-blowing!

It is the energy that drives the world! It is an incredibly powerful energy and it pervades all males. I just wish that every male can experience this at some point in their lives! I am bursting with excitement!

Is there a way to "capture" this feeling or describe it properly? Probably not. But one way to try is to do what I did: place your hands over your male parts, close your eyes, do some anal contractions and just take in the raw sexual power that is deep within you! You will feel it! Don't be ashamed or afraid of this power. It is part of you and surrounds you. It is hard to keep this power "bottled-up" inside of you. You have to share it!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/i-am-alive-with-sexual-energy/